NGM Insurance Company, Florida: Overview, Services, Finances, Coverages, Claims, Reviews

Are you looking for a reputable and professional insurance company that offers a wide range of personal and commercial insurance products and services? If so, you may want to consider NGM Insurance Company.

The company is one of the leading carriers of Main Street America Insurance, a national insurance group that serves individuals, families and businesses across the United States.

an image illustration of NGM Insurance Company, Florida
NGM Insurance Company, Florida

In this blog post, we will review NGM Company and its services, products, financial details, coverage details, claims, and customer experiences.

We hope that this review will help you make an informed decision about whether NGM Company is the right choice for you.

NGM Insurance Company Details

NGM Insurance Company was founded in 1923 as National Grange Mutual Insurance Company, to provide affordable insurance to the Grange Fraternity members in New Hampshire.

Since then, the company has expanded its operations and offerings to serve customers in various regions and markets, such as New England, the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest and West.

In 2005, the company changed its name to NGM Company, to reflect its broader scope and vision.

NGM Insurance Company is the flagship carrier of Main Street America Insurance, a national insurance group that offers a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products and services for individuals, families and businesses.

The leadership team of NGM Company consists of experienced and qualified executives, managers, and directors who oversee the various departments and functions of the company.

NGM Company has a strong market share and company size, as it writes more than $1.1 billion in annual premiums exclusively through independent insurance agents.

The company serves over 40,000 customers across the US, and has an A (Excellent) Financial Strength Rating, with a Stable Outlook, and “a+” Issuer Credit Rating from A.M.

Best, the insurance industry’s premier rating organization.

The company also has a positive reputation among its customers and peers, as evidenced by its numerous awards and recognitions, such as the Best Property/Casualty Insurance Company from Corporate LiveWire, the Best Commercial Lines Carrier from Insurance Business America, and the Top Workplace from the Des Moines Register.

NGM Insurance Company Basic Information

Category Information
Phone Number (877) 425-2467
Address 4601 Touchton Rd E Ste 3400, Jacksonville, FL, 32246
Customer Service Contact (800) 207-0446
Policy Details Varies depending on the type and level of coverage
Email Address
Fax Number (904) 380-7470
Operating Hours Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)

NGM Insurance Company Services & Products

NGM Company offers a variety of services and products for individuals, families and businesses, such as:

  • Personal Insurance: This is a service that helps individuals and families protect their personal assets and liabilities, such as their homes, cars, belongings, and personal liability. NGM Company offers various types of personal insurance, such as homeowners, renters, condo, auto, umbrella, flood, and identity theft protection.
  • Commercial Insurance: This is a service that helps businesses protect their business assets and liabilities, such as their property, equipment, vehicles, employees, and customers. NGM Company offers various types of commercial insurance, such as business owner’s, commercial package, commercial auto, workers’ compensation, commercial umbrella, cyber liability, and surety bonds.

The company offers temporary or short-term policies for individuals and businesses who are traveling or relocating within the US, or who need coverage for a specific event or project.

These policies are flexible and affordable, and can be tailored to suit the needs and circumstances of the customers.

NGM Insurance Company Financial Details

NGM Company strives to provide competitive and fair pricing for its services and products, while maintaining its financial strength and stability.

Some of the financial details of NGM Company are:

  • Premium Costs: The premium costs of NGM Company vary depending on the type and level of coverage, the location and industry of the customer, the claims history and risk profile of the customer, and other factors. NGM Company does not publish its premium rates online, but customers can request a free quote by filling out an online form or calling the customer service number.
  • Payment Options: NGM Company offers various payment options for its customers, such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Customers can also choose to pay by check, credit card, or electronic funds transfer. NGM Insurance Company does not charge any interest or fees for its payment plans.
  • Discounts and Promotional Offers: NGM Company offers various discounts and promotional offers for its customers, such as the multi-policy discount, the loyalty discount, the safety discount, the good student discount, and the good driver discount. NGM Company also offers special rates and benefits for its customers, such as the dividend program, which allows eligible customers to receive a share of the company’s surplus.

NGM Insurance Company Coverage Details

NGM Company provides comprehensive and customized coverage for its customers, to ensure that they are adequately protected and supported in case of a claim.

Some of the coverage details of NGM Company are:

NGM Insurance Company Claims

NGM Company has a simple and efficient claim process, to help its customers resolve their claims as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Some of the aspects of the claim process are:

  • Claim Process: Customers can report a claim to NGM Company by calling the claim hotline, sending an email, or filling out an online form. Customers will be assigned a claim representative, who will guide them through the claim process and answer any questions they may have. Customers will also receive a claim packet, which contains the necessary forms and instructions for filing a claim.
  • Required Documents for Claims: Customers will need to provide some documents for their claims, such as the police report, the repair estimate, the medical bills, the witness statements, and any other relevant information or evidence. Customers can submit their documents by mail, fax, or email, or upload them online.
  • Average Claim Approval Time: NGM Company does not have a fixed claim approval time, as each claim is unique and depends on various factors, such as the complexity and severity of the claim, the cooperation and communication of the parties involved, and the availability and quality of the information and evidence. However, NGM Insurance Company strives to resolve claims as fast as possible, while ensuring a fair and thorough evaluation and investigation.

NGM Insurance Company Customer Experiences

NGM Company has a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, as it provides excellent customer service and support, as well as quality products and services.


Q: How do I get a quote from NGM Insurance Company?

A: You can get a free quote from NGM Company by filling out an online form or calling the customer service number. You will need to provide some basic information about yourself and your insurance needs, such as your name, address, phone number, email, type of insurance, and coverage amount. You will receive a quote within 24 hours of submitting your request.

Q: How do I renew my policy with NGM Insurance Company?

A: You can renew your policy with NGM Company by paying your premium before the expiration date of your policy.

Q: How do I change my coverage or policy details with NGM Insurance Company?

A: You can change your coverage or policy details with NGM Company by contacting your agent or customer service representative. You will need to provide the reason and the details of the change, such as your new address, phone number, email, coverage amount, or payment option. You will receive a confirmation email and a revised policy declaration page after your change is approved

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