NHRMA Mutual Insurance Company(Illinois); Profile, Claims, Contacts, Products, Ratings, Cancellations and Renewals

In 1910, smart hotel and restaurant owners founded NHRMA Mutual Insurance Company for stable workers’ compensation insurance.

Now, they help businesses big and small with various insurance and risk management services, always putting customer service first.

NHRMA Mutual Insurance Company

A Trusted Legacy: Mutual Ownership

NHRMA Mutual isn’t like other insurance companies. It’s owned by its members, not shareholders. Members aren’t just customers; they’re part of the team, sharing successes and challenges. This special setup builds trust and loyalty.

Mission and Values: Putting Members First

NHRMA Mutual’s mission is clear: provide top-notch workers’ compensation insurance and risk management to long-term partners in hospitality.

Their values include focusing on members, staying financially strong, adapting to industry changes, offering excellent service, and promoting safety.

Contact information of NHRMA Mutual Insurance Company

Website: Explore a wealth of information, products, and services, and request a quote online at NHRMA’s website.

Phone: Our friendly customer service team is here from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. Call us for:

  • General Inquiries: 1-877-690-6860
  • Claims: 1-217-403-4900

Email: While we don’t have a general email, you can reach specific departments directly:

  • Claims: [email protected]
  • Sales: [email protected]

Fax: Securely send documents via our toll-free fax line: 1-800-853-5080.

Mail: Correspondence can be sent to our headquarters: NHRMA Mutual Insurance Company 2302 Clearlake Boulevard Champaign, IL 61822-8951

Social Media: Connect with us on social platforms:

Local Representatives: NHRMA Mutual collaborates with independent agents across Illinois and Tennessee. Find one near you through our agent locator.

Services and Products Offered by NHRMA Mutual Insurance Company

NHRMA Mutual Insurance Company isn’t your typical workers’ comp provider. They’re a full-on risk management ally for the hospitality industry, offering a bunch of services to keep your business safe. Let’s break it down:

Expertise in Workers’ Comp:

  • Tailored Plans: Whether you’re running a busy hotel, a cozy restaurant, or a lively nightlife spot, NHRMA Mutual has special plans just for you.
  • Claims Support: They’re with you during claims, with dedicated adjusters and risk management services for quick resolutions.
  • Safety First: Beyond insurance, they offer useful safety resources, training, and on-site help to prevent workplace injuries and save you money.

Beyond Workers’ Comp:

  • Property and Liability Insurance: Keep your stuff safe and protect against surprise lawsuits with custom coverage.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Get peace of mind knowing you’re covered for employee claims like discrimination or wrongful termination.
  • Risk Management Solutions: They do more than insurance, offering services like loss control assessments, training, and compliance help to spot and tackle risks early.

NHRMA Mutual Insurance Company

NHRMA Mutual: Ratings, Reviews, and How They Handle Things

NHRMA Mutual Insurance Company is known for hospitality insurance, but what are their ratings, and customer reviews, and how do they deal with complaints? Let’s break it down:

  • A.M. Best: They get an A (Excellent) rating. This means NHRMA Mutual is in a strong financial position and can meet long-term promises to policyholders.
  • Financial Stability Rating: Demotech gives them an A (Excellent) too, confirming their financial strength.
Customer Reviews
  • Mostly Positive: Reviews may not be as many as big companies, but they’re mostly positive.
  • Praises For:
  • Some Concerns: A few talk about slow initial responses and limited online access to policy info.
  • Low Volume: They get fewer complaints than bigger insurers, maybe because of their smaller size and member-owned setup.
  • Common Complaint Areas: Some clients face challenges reaching specific departments and with online policy management.
Resolution Modules
  • Dedicated Claims Team: Each claim gets a dedicated adjuster for personal attention and quick resolution.
  • Member-Owned Advantage: Being member-owned means they’re committed to solving member concerns quickly and fairly.
  • Feedback Channels: They have various ways to get feedback, like online forms, calls, and talking directly to agents.
  • Continuous Improvement: NHRMA Mutual listens to feedback and makes changes to improve service based on common concerns.

NHRMA Mutual understands that affordability is a crucial factor for any business.

Here’s a breakdown of their premium costs, payment options, and potential discounts to help you navigate your insurance budget:

Premium Costs

  • Competitive within the hospitality industry: NHRMA Mutual prides itself on offering fair and competitive rates, considering your business size, location, risk profile, and claims history.
  • Transparent cost structure: They strive for transparency, providing detailed quotes that break down premium components and explain potential adjustments based on your specific needs and choosing coverage options.
  • Member-owned advantage: Their non-profit structure eliminates the need for shareholder profits, potentially translating to lower premiums compared to some for-profit insurers.

Payment Options

  • Flexible options: NHRMA Mutual offers monthly, quarterly, and annual payment plans to accommodate your cash flow and budgeting preferences.
  • Automatic payments: Opt for hassle-free automatic payments to avoid late fees and ensure uninterrupted coverage.
  • Online convenience: Pay your premiums securely and easily through their online portal or mobile app.

Discounts and Promotions

  • Safety incentives: NHRMA Mutual rewards safety-conscious businesses with discounts for implementing effective safety programs and demonstrating a positive claims history.
  • Member loyalty: They may offer loyalty discounts to long-standing members, recognizing their continued trust and partnership.
  • Bundled coverage: Combining your workers’ compensation insurance with other NHRMA Mutual products like property and liability insurance can sometimes unlock bundled discounts.

Promotional Offers

  • NHRMA Mutual occasionally runs special promotions or offers for new members or specific industries within the hospitality sector. These could include:
    • Discounts on the first year’s premium.
    • Free risk assessments or safety consultations.
    • Additional coverage features at no extra cost.

NHRMA Mutual Insurance Company

NHRMA Mutual knows businesses change, and so might your insurance needs. Here’s a simple breakdown of how you can cancel or renew your policy:


  • Flexibility for Members: NHRMA Mutual cares about its members. They let you cancel your policy with ease.
  • Notice Period: Usually, you need to give them a 30-day written notice before your policy ends. This ensures a smooth transition without any coverage gaps.
  • Mid-Term Cancellation: If things change unexpectedly, NHRMA Mutual will work with you fairly. You might get a refund or adjustment based on your situation.
  • Communication is Key: Talk openly with your agent or NHRMA Mutual about your cancellation. They’re there to guide you and answer your questions.


  • Smooth Process: NHRMA Mutual will send you a renewal notice well before your policy ends. It tells you about your coverage, any premium changes, and your renewal options.
  • Review and Adjust: Use this time to check your coverage. Talk to your agent about any changes you need, like adjusting limits or adding/removing coverage.
  • Early Renewal Benefits: Renew early, and you might get discounts or extra benefits from NHRMA Mutual.
  • Non-Renewal: Sometimes, NHRMA Mutual might choose not to renew your policy. This could be because of frequent claims, big risk changes, or missed payments. They’ll tell you early and suggest alternative options if there are any.


In summary, NHRMA Mutual distinguishes itself as a dependable and client-centered insurance ally within the dynamic hospitality sector.

Through its distinct member-owned framework, the company places a high emphasis on addressing the individual requirements of its customers, providing adaptable policy options, and ensuring a dedication to equitable and prompt services.

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