NYLife Insurance Company of Arizona: Contact information, Claims, Services, Reviews, Ratings, Careers, Owners, Headquarter

NYLife Insurance Company of Arizona is a subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company, the largest mutual life insurance company in the United States.

The company offers life, accident, and health insurance coverage to individuals and businesses in Arizona and other states.

In this article, we will review the company’s claims, services, reviews, ratings, careers, ownership, and headquarters.

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Contact information

Information Details
Phone Number 1 (800) 225-5695
Address 14850 N Scottsdale Rd. #400, Scottsdale, AZ 85004, United States
Customer Service Contact Toll-Free Number: 1 (800) 225-5695

Email: GBSClaimSolutions@newyorklife.com

Email Address General: Use the online form

Fraud Reports: cad_siu@newyorklife.com

Annuities: nylannuities@newyorklife.com

Fax Number 1 (480) 000-0000
Operating Hours Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm ET

NYLife Insurance Company of Arizona claims

The company claims to provide financial security and peace of mind to its policyholders and beneficiaries.

According to its website, the company paid $1.9 billion in benefits to policyholders and beneficiaries last year and has a 99% customer satisfaction rating for claims service

The company also claims to have a superior financial strength rating from A.M. Best, a leading rating agency for the insurance industry

The company provides two ways to start a claim: online or by mail.

You can either download and print a claim form from the company’s website or fill out an online form with the required information.

You will also need to provide an original death certificate and any other relevant documents

After you submit your claim, a dedicated New York Life professional will handle the rest.

If any additional details are needed, they will contact you directly

If you have any questions or concerns about your claim, you can contact the company’s customer service representatives at (800) 225-5695.

You can also visit the company’s website for more information and frequently asked questions

NYLife Insurance Company of Arizona services

The company offers a variety of products and services to meet the needs of its customers.

Some of the products and services include:

  • Term life insurance provides temporary coverage for a specific period, usually 10, 15, or 20 years. Term life insurance is typically the most affordable type of life insurance and can be converted to permanent life insurance later.
  • Whole life insurance provides lifetime coverage and builds cash value that can be accessed through loans or withdrawals. Whole life insurance also pays dividends to policyholders, which can be used to increase the death benefit, reduce premiums, or receive cash.
  • Universal life insurance provides flexible coverage and cash value accumulation that can be adjusted according to the policyholder’s needs and goals. Universal life insurance also offers tax-deferred growth and access to cash value.
  • Variable universal life insurance: Provides similar benefits as universal life insurance, but with the added feature of investing the cash value in a variety of investment options. Variable universal life insurance offers the potential for higher returns but also carries more risk and fees.
  • Long-term care insurance: Provides benefits for long-term care services, such as nursing home, assisted living, home health care, or adult day care. Long-term care insurance can help protect the policyholder’s assets and income from the high costs of long-term care.
  • Annuities: Provide a stream of income for retirement or other purposes. Annuities can be fixed, variable, or indexed, depending on the type of payout and investment options. Annuities can also offer tax-deferred growth, guaranteed income, and death benefits.
  • Asset management: Provide investment advice and solutions for individuals, institutions, and businesses. Asset management services include mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, retirement plans, college savings plans, and wealth management.

NYLife Insurance Company of Arizona reviews

The company has received mostly positive reviews from its customers and employees.

On Google, the company has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating based on 14 reviews

On Indeed, the company has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating based on 5,309 reviews

Finally, on Glassdoor, the company has a 3.4 out of 5-star rating based on 5,248 reviews

Some of the common themes in the reviews are:

  • The company has a supportive and collaborative culture, with opportunities for training and development.
  • The company has a strong reputation and brand recognition, with loyal and satisfied customers.
  • The company has a competitive compensation and benefits package, with incentives and rewards for performance.
  • The company has a challenging and demanding work environment with high expectations and pressure.
  • The company has a complex and bureaucratic structure with multiple layers of management and processes.

NYLife Insurance Company of Arizona ratings

The company has received high ratings from various rating agencies and organizations.

Some of the ratings are:

NYLife Insurance Company of Arizona careers

The company offers a variety of career opportunities for people who are interested in working in the insurance and financial services industry.

The company hires agents, managers, underwriters, actuaries, analysts, consultants, customer service representatives, administrative assistants, and more.

It also provides training, mentoring, coaching, and support for its employees.

They value diversity, equity, and inclusion and strive to create a culture of respect, collaboration, and innovation.

The company also supports its employees’ personal and professional growth and rewards them for their performance and contributions.

Their website has a career section where interested candidates can search for open positions, learn more about the company’s culture and benefits, and apply online

Who owns NYLife Insurance Company of Arizona?

NYLife Insurance Company of Arizona is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company, which is a mutual company.

This means that the company is owned by its policyholders, not by shareholders or investors.

As a mutual company, the company operates for the benefit of its policyholders and shares its profits with them through dividends, reduced premiums, or enhanced benefits.

As a policyholder, you have a voice in the company’s management and direction, and you can vote for the board of directors and other matters at the annual meeting.

Being a mutual company also allows the company to focus on the long-term interests of its policyholders rather than the short-term demands of the stock market.

Where is the headquarters for New York Life?

The headquarters for New York Life are located at the New York Life Building, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010.

The building is a historic landmark and a symbol of the company’s heritage and legacy.

The building also houses the New York Life Museum, which showcases the company’s history and achievements.

What does NY Life Insurance do?

NY Life Insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind to its customers and their families.

The company offers a range of life insurance products, such as term life, whole life, universal life, and variable universal life, that can help customers meet their goals and needs.

Life insurance can help customers:

  • Replace income and cover expenses in the event of death
  • Build cash value and savings for future needs
  • Leave a legacy and transfer wealth to heirs
  • Supplement retirement income and enjoy tax benefits
  • Protect against the risk of long-term care costs

How does New York Life pay employees?

New York Life pays its employees in different ways, depending on their role and performance.

Some of the ways that New York Life pays its employees are:

  • Salary: A fixed amount of money paid to employees regularly, usually biweekly or monthly. Salary is typically based on the employee’s position, experience, education, and skills.
  • Bonus: A variable amount of money paid to employees on top of their salary, usually annually or quarterly. A bonus is typically based on the employee’s performance, goals, and achievements, as well as the company’s profitability and results.
  • Commission: A percentage of the sales or revenue generated by the employee, usually paid monthly or quarterly. Commission is typically based on the employee’s sales volume, quality, and retention, as well as the company’s products and services.
  • Dividend: A share of the company’s profits is paid to the policyholders, who are also the owners of the company. A dividend is typically paid annually and can be used to increase the death benefit, reduce the premiums, or receive cash.
  • Benefits: non-monetary rewards and perks offered to employees, such as health insurance, a retirement plan, life insurance, disability insurance, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, an employee assistance program, a wellness program, and more. Benefits are typically based on the employee’s eligibility, enrollment, and participation.

Is New York Life the biggest insurance company?

New York Life is not the biggest insurance company in the world, but it is one of the largest and most respected ones.

According to the latest Fortune 500 list, New York Life ranks as the 67th largest U.S. corporation by total revenue and the 7th largest insurance company in the U.S.

According to the latest Forbes Global 2000 list, New York Life ranks as the 86th largest public company in the world and the 9th largest insurance company in the world.

Additionally, according to the latest A.M. Best ranking, New York Life ranks as the 3rd largest life insurance company in the U.S. and the largest mutual life insurance company in the U.S


NYLife Insurance Company of Arizona is a reputable and reliable insurance company that offers a variety of products and services to its customers.

The company has strong financial strength, high customer satisfaction, and a loyal and diverse workforce.

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