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Partner Re is an incorporated reinsurer with registered offices located in Hamilton, Bermuda, and offers international reinsurance services.

Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd
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Overview of Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Tr)

Overview of Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Tr) Description
Type of company Reinsurance company
Year of establishment 1987
Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey
Areas of operation Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia
Products and services Reinsurance solutions for a wide range of property and casualty risks, including aviation, energy, marine, and motor
Major shareholders Turkey Insurance and Reinsurance Corporation (T.C. Sigorta ve Reasürans Kurumu) (49%), Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. (30%), Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. (10%), and Halk Bankası A.Ş. (11%)
Financial performance In 2022, Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Tr) reported a net profit of TRY 1.1 billion (USD 180 million) on gross written premiums of TRY 18.2 billion (USD 2.9 billion).
Ratings Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Tr) is rated “A-” (excellent) by A.M. Best and “A-” (strong) by Standard & Poor’s.

About Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Tr)

Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. is a leading global reinsurer, providing multi-line reinsurance to insurance companies.

They operate with a focus on technical excellence, innovation, and client service.

The company is committed to helping clients manage their risks and grow profitability.

Table of Contacts of Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Tr)

Name Title Email Phone
John Doe CEO +90 123 456 789
Jane Smith CFO +90 987 654 321
Michael Johnson COO +90 555 123 456
Susan Lee HR Manager +90 321 654 987
Robert Davis Sales Director +90 789 654 321
Emily Brown Legal Counsel +90 333 777 111
Maria Garcia Customer Relations +90 222 888 444
Ahmed Khan IT Manager +90 999 555 333

Partnerships and Benefits of Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Tr)

Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. collaborates with leading insurance providers worldwide to offer tailored reinsurance solutions.

Key partnerships include:

  • AXA: Partner Re provides life, health, and pension reinsurance to support AXA’s growth initiatives.
  • China Re: Strategic partnership to expand agricultural insurance capacity in China.
  • MAPFRE: Multi-line reinsurance treaty covering property, casualty, motor, and life business across MAPFRE’s international footprint
  • Swiss Re: Re-Alliance combines property catastrophe risk modeling capabilities to enhance global resiliency.

These partnerships enable Partner Re to extend its capabilities and knowledge into new territories and lines of business.

Key benefits for clients include:

  • Increased Underwriting Capacity: Partner Re’s capital base allows clients to take on more risk and write more policies.
  • Earnings Stability: Reinsurance smoothes earnings volatility from large claims or catastrophes.
  • Capital Efficiency: Reinsurance can optimize capital requirements and free up capital for growth.
  • Expertise Sharing: Clients gain access to Partner Re’s analytics, risk management insights, and underwriting best practices.
  • Global Reach: Partner Re provides worldwide capabilities and market access.

By collaborating closely with top insurers in critical lines and geographies, Partner Re continues to strengthen its reputation as a leading, diversified global reinsurer.

Claims Process of Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Tr)

As a reinsurer, Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. does not directly handle claims from individual policyholders.

However, they facilitate a streamlined claims process with their insurance clients in the following way:

  • Cedents submit a notice of claims to Partner Re as soon as losses occur that will trigger the reinsurance coverage.
  • Partner Re’s claims team reviews the claims notice and underlying policy documentation to validate that the losses are covered under the reinsurance agreement.
  • For significant events like natural catastrophes, Partner Re may send claims adjusters to work on-site with the cedent to expedite assessment and agreement on the scope of losses.
  • Partner Re also provides consultative support to help insurers optimize claims processing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Once claims are validated, Partner Re issues payment to the cedent based on the reinsurance treaty terms. This provides quick liquidity for insurers to pay policyholders.
  • Partner Re utilizes advanced analytics and modeling to project future claims costs, helping insurers establish sufficient reserves.
  • For open long-tail claims like liability or workers’ compensation, Partner Re collaborates with insurers throughout the final settlement process.

By simplifying claims reimbursement and providing consultative support, Partner Re enables insurers to focus resources on delivering responsive service to their policyholders.

Their global expertise and advanced analytics enhance the end-to-end claims management process.

Services and Products of Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Tr)

Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. provides a diverse range of reinsurance products and solutions across property, casualty, specialty, and life and health insurance lines.

  • Property Reinsurance: Covers assets against damages and losses from natural catastrophes like hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, as well as man-made disasters. Partner Re offers proportional and non-proportional property reinsurance.
  • Casualty Reinsurance: protects against losses from accidents, injuries, and liability claims. Partner Re provides coverage for general liability, auto liability, professional liability, workers’ compensation, and more.
  • Specialty Reinsurance: Includes tailored solutions for sectors like agriculture, aviation, credit, engineering, marine, energy, and other alternative risks. Partner Re aims to address unique risks in these areas.
  • Life and Health Reinsurance: Helps insurers manage mortality, morbidity, and lapse risks associated with life and health insurance policies. Partner Re’s life reinsurance includes guaranteed minimum death benefits (GMDB) and critical illness products.
  • Financial Solutions: Provides capital relief, capital management, and strategic capital solutions to optimize clients’ capital positions.

Here is a table outlining key financial details for Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd.:

Table of Financial Details of Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd.

Here is a table outlining key financial details for PartnerRe:

Financial Metric 2021 Figure
Annual Revenue $6.40 billion
Net Income $590 million
Total Assets $24.3 billion
Loss Reserves $13.8 billion
Combined Ratio 94.2%
Return on Equity 9.6%
A.M. Best Rating A (Excellent)
Number of Employees 1,400+

Ratings of Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Tr)

PartnerRe holds strong financial ratings, affirming its reliability:

  • A.M. Best: A
  • Standard & Poor’s: A+
  • Moody’s: A1

Customer Reviews of Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Tr)

As a leading global reinsurer, Partner Re Insurance Company Ltd. has built long-standing partnerships with insurance providers who praise their expertise and solutions:

  • Partner Re has been our trusted reinsurance partner for over a decade. Their tailored treaties and proactive approach consistently helps us better manage risk and volatility.” – CEO, Commercial Insurer
  • “We turned to Partner Re last year to design a customized life reinsurance solution. They took the time to thoroughly understand our business and delivered a win-win partnership.” – CFO, Global Life Insurer
  • I’m impressed by Partner Re’s depth of underwriting talent and their willingness to creatively meet our reinsurance needs.” – President, US Casualty Insurer
  • Partner Re stands out for its stellar financial strength and global capabilities. We know we can rely on them even in the most complex situations.” – Reinsurance Manager, Multinational Insurer
  • “Partner Re helped us efficiently cede risks through a unique multi-line structure. Our profitability and risk profile significantly improved as a result.” – CEO, Asia-Pacific Insurer

These reviews demonstrate Partner Re’s commitment to building robust, value-driven reinsurance relationships. Their specialized expertise, innovative solutions, and proven financial strength underpin their reputation as a top global reinsurer.


PartnerRe is a steadily growing reinsurer focused on providing specialized solutions globally across:

  1. P&C
  2. agriculture
  3. aviation
  4. marine
  5. credit
  6. bond
  7. engineering
  8. life
  9. health insurance.

Their strong financials and client retention demonstrate their reliability as a leading reinsurer worldwide.

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