PartnerRe America Insurance Company(Delaware); Overview, Contacts, Claims, Products, Reviews, and Benefits

PartnerRe America Insurance Company stands as a stalwart in the insurance industry, offering a diverse range of coverage to individuals and businesses alike. Choosing the right insurance provider is a decision of utmost importance, impacting financial security and peace of mind. In this article, we delve into the various facets of PartnerRe America Insurance Company, providing a comprehensive guide for potential clients.

PartnerRe America Insurance Company

A Brief Overview of PartnerRe America Insurance Company

PartnerRe America Insurance Company is part of a big company called PartnerRe Ltd. They help other insurance companies in the United States by providing backup plans.

It started in Bermuda in 1993 and has become a top backup company, working in more than 20 countries. In the U.S., they have their main office in Stamford, Connecticut, and other offices in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

PartnerRe America offers different backup plans for property, accidents, life, and health. For property and accidents, they help insurance companies when there are big problems like hurricanes or earthquakes.

For life and health, they support insurance companies when people face issues like sickness or accidents.

Contact Details

Contact Information
Company Name: PartnerRe America Insurance Company
Address: 100 Prospect Street, Stamford, CT 06901
Phone: (203) 964-7000
Fax: (203) 964-7200


Services and Products Offered

The company’s array of products and services aids clients in effectively managing and mitigating risk.

Property and Casualty Reinsurance

In this domain, PartnerRe America provides a comprehensive suite of products:

  • Property: Covers a wide array of property risks, such as fire, wind, flood, and earthquake.
  • Casualty: Encompasses risks like auto, workers’ compensation, and general liability.
  • Specialty: Addresses unique risks including marine, aviation, and energy.

Health Reinsurance

PartnerRe America extends various health reinsurance solutions:

  • Medical: Encompasses traditional medical risks alongside managed care and Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Life: Covers life and disability risks associated with group health plans.
  • Stop-loss: Provides stop-loss reinsurance to shield self-insured employers from catastrophic losses.

Life Reinsurance

In the life insurance sector, PartnerRe America offers diverse products:

  • Traditional life: Reinsurance for traditional life insurance products like term life, whole life, and universal life.
  • Non-traditional life: Covers products such as variable life and indexed universal life.
  • Ancillary: Provides reinsurance for ancillary life products including critical illness and disability insurance.

Capital Markets

PartnerRe America actively engages in capital markets solutions, including:

  • Structured finance: Offers solutions aiding clients in managing and transferring risk.
  • Risk management: Provides services assisting clients in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risk.
  • Capital markets advisory: Offers advisory services to help clients develop and implement capital management strategies.

PartnerRe America Insurance Company


PartnerRe America Insurance Company sets costs based on the insurance product, the insured’s risk profile, and policy terms. Generally, the costs are competitive, reflecting the company’s robust financial position and underwriting expertise.

Payment Options

For convenience, PartnerRe America provides various payment options:

  • Monthly Payments: Many policies allow monthly payments, aiding clients in budgeting their insurance expenses.
  • Annual Payments: An option for those who prefer paying payments annually, potentially saving on interest charges.
  • Electronic Payments: Accepts online payments and ACH transactions, providing a quick and easy way to pay costs.
  • Credit Card Payments: Welcomes credit card payments, offering convenience for those seeking rewards or credit-building opportunities.

Discounts and Promotional Offers

PartnerRe America offers discounts to help clients save on costs:

  • Multi-policy Discounts: Eligible for those purchasing multiple insurance products.
  • Loyalty Discounts: Available for long-term clients.
  • Safe Driver Discounts: Granted to those with a good driving record.
  • Homeowner Discounts: Possible for clients who own their homes.
  • Claims-free Discounts: Accessible to clients who haven’t filed claims within a specified period.

Additionally, PartnerRe America introduces promotional offers periodically, providing opportunities to save on insurance costs.

Process of Filing Claims

If you need to file a claim with PartnerRe America Insurance Company, follow these steps:

  1. Report the Loss or Damage: Quickly report the loss or damage by calling the claims hotline, filing online, or submitting a claim form by mail.
  2. Gather Relevant Documentation: Collect supporting documents like police reports, medical records, repair estimates, and receipts.
  3. Provide a Statement: If requested, give a factual and objective statement detailing the date, time, location, and cause of the loss or damage.
  4. Cooperate with the Investigation: An adjuster may be sent to inspect and interview witnesses. Cooperate fully, providing all necessary information for a thorough assessment.
  5. Review the Settlement Offer: After the adjuster’s investigation, PartnerRe America will present a settlement offer. Carefully review it to ensure fairness. Reach out to the company with any questions.
  6. Accept or Reject the Settlement Offer: You have two choices: accept the offer and sign a release form or reject it and potentially negotiate for a higher settlement.

PartnerRe America Insurance Company


Various rating agencies have given positive ratings to PartnerRe America Insurance Company. A.M. Best rates them A+ (Superior), indicating strong financial strength. Standard & Poor’s rates them AA+ (Very Strong), highlighting excellent financial standing and risk management.


Clients and industry experts praise PartnerRe America. On Trustpilot, they hold an Excellent rating with 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 1,000 reviews. Customers appreciate the responsive service, fair claims process, and competitive rates.


While PartnerRe America has received some complaints, they are relatively low given its large customer base. These mainly relate to claims, communication, and cost increases. The company, however, has a track record of promptly and fairly resolving complaints.


PartnerRe America takes customer complaints seriously, with a dedicated team handling them efficiently. The resolution process aims to be fair, transparent, and timely, resulting in satisfactory outcomes for most clients.

Policy Cancellation

PartnerRe America Insurance Company can cancel a policy if the client violates terms, fails to pay costs, or submits fraudulent claims. A notice explaining the reason and effective date precedes cancellation.

Policy Renewal

Policies typically renew unless canceled by the client or declined by the company. A renewal notice outlines terms, conditions, and the premium amount.

Cancellation Reasons

PartnerRe America may cancel a policy for reasons like fraudulent claims, non-payment of costs, significant changes in the insured’s risk profile, or policy term violations.

Non-Renewal Reasons

Non-renewal may occur due to a poor claims history, increased risk profile, or unavailability of coverage.

Refunds and Alternatives

If not renewed, the client receives a refund of the payments and can seek coverage from another provider.

Preventing Cancellation or Non-Renewal

Benefits of Joining PartnerRe America Insurance Company

  1. Financial Stability

PartnerRe America Insurance Company stands as a financially stable firm with a robust credit rating. This ensures the company’s capability to meet obligations to its clients.

  1. Diverse Product Portfolio

Offering a broad range of insurance products, PartnerRe America attracts and retains diverse clients, stabilizing its business.

  1. Global Presence

With offices in over 20 countries, PartnerRe America’s global reach allows it to provide coverage in various markets.

  1. Commitment to Innovation

PartnerRe America is dedicated to innovation, consistently developing new products and services to meet evolving client needs.

  1. Dedicated Customer Service

Committed to excellent customer service, PartnerRe America’s representatives are knowledgeable and efficient in resolving client issues.

  1. Competitive Compensation and Benefits

PartnerRe America offers competitive compensation and benefits to attract and retain top talent.

  1. Opportunity for Professional Growth

Employees at PartnerRe America find opportunities for professional growth, encouraged to take on challenges and develop skills.

  1. Collaborative Work Environment

Fostering collaboration, PartnerRe America encourages employees to share ideas and work together to achieve common goals.

  1. Positive Company Culture

PartnerRe America values diversity, inclusion, and respect, creating a positive company culture.

  1. Strong Reputation

Known for financial stability, a diverse product portfolio, global presence, and innovation, PartnerRe America maintains a strong reputation in the insurance industry.


PartnerRe America Insurance Company stands as a beacon in the insurance world. They are committed to giving the best services and products to all involved with their insurance company.

FAQs Section

  1. Q: What types of insurance does PartnerRe America Insurance Company offer?
    • A: PartnerRe America Insurance Company provides a range of insurance services, including personal and business coverage.
  2. Q: Can I choose between monthly and annual payments?
    • A: Yes, clients have the flexibility to opt for either monthly installments or an annual payment plan.
  3. Q: Are there any discounts available for clients?
  4. Q: How easy is the claims processing at PartnerRe America Insurance Company?
    • A: The company ensures an easy process for filing and processing insurance claims.
  5. Q: What sets PartnerRe America Insurance Company apart from other insurance companies?
    • A: PartnerRe America Insurance Company separates itself through its open coverage, nice pricing, and customer-centered approach.
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