Penn-America Insurance Company: What’s Your Risk?

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Discover how Penn-America Insurance Company can protect your small business from various risks and challenges. Learn about the company’s products, services, reputation, and ratings/PHOTO COURTESY: Instagram

I run a small business that provides catering services for various events and occasions.

I love what I do, but I also know that there are many risks involved in my line of work.

Keep in mind that I have to deal with food safety, equipment malfunctions, customer complaints, and potential lawsuits.

That’s why I decided to get insurance coverage from Penn-America Insurance Company, a company that specializes in protecting small businesses like mine.

What’s Penn-America Insurance Company?

Penn-America Insurance Company is a part of the Westfield Group, which is a group of insurance and financial services companies that operate in 21 states.

Penn-America Insurance Company provides property and casualty insurance for individuals and businesses, as well as specialty insurance for farms, agribusiness, and transportation.

The company was founded in 1975 and is based in Westfield Center, Ohio.

Penn-America Insurance Company offers a wide range of general insurance products and services, both for personal and business needs.

Some of the products include motor private insurance, domestic package policy, personal accident policy, and travel insurance policy.

What is Offered at Penn-America Insurance Company?

The company also provides customized and flexible coverage and rates according to the needs and preferences of its customers.

Penn-America Insurance Company has a strong reputation for its claims handling process, which is quick and efficient.

The company has a dedicated customer service team, which can be reached through telephone, email, or online platforms.

How to Contact Penn-America Insurance Company?

Phone Number: 610-664-1500


The company also has a website, where customers can get information, quotes, and make payments.

The company also has a blog, where it posts useful tips and updates on various topics related to insurance.

Penn-America Insurance Company is a good choice for small businesses that face various risks and challenges in their operations.

The company understands the needs and concerns of small business owners and provides them with reliable and comprehensive insurance coverage at competitive prices.

Penn-America Insurance Company also works closely with customers to ensure that they receive personalized attention and assistance.

Is Penn America admitted?

Penn America is not an admitted insurer, but a surplus lines insurer.

This means that it is not regulated by the state insurance departments, and does not participate in the state guaranty funds:

Which can protect policyholders in case of insolvency of the insurer.

However, Penn America is licensed and qualified to operate as a surplus lines insurer in all 50 states and D.C.

Penn America i has to comply with certain regulations and reporting requirements.

What is the AM best rating for Penn America insurance?

The company has an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, which is a credit rating agency that evaluates the financial strength and performance of insurance companies.

The rating reflects the company’s strong balance sheet, favorable operating results, diversified business mix, and effective enterprise risk management.

The company also has a long-term issuer credit rating of a+, which indicates its ability to meet its ongoing financial obligations.


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