Platinum Supplemental Insurance Reviews: What You Should Know Before Signing Up

In this article, we are going to talk about Platinum Supplemental Insurance Reviews! Platinum Supplemental Insurance stands out as a major player in the supplemental insurance market across the Midwest.

Their diverse range of insurance products steps in to cover expenses that may be left unaddressed by standard health insurance plans, spanning medical bills, lost wages, and funeral costs.

Based in Dubuque, Iowa, Platinum Supplemental Insurance has firmly established its headquarters in the region.

With a rating of 3.0 out of 5.0 on from 88 reviews 3, the company reflects a mix of feedback.

For those eyeing potential career paths, there are opportunities as Outside Sales Representatives available in various states

An image of Platinum Supplemental Insurance
Based in Dubuque, Iowa, Platinum Supplemental Insurance has firmly established its headquarters in the region.

Platinum Supplemental Insurance reviews

Customer Voices:


  • “I’ve been with Platinum for years and am pleased. Their customer service is excellent, always aiding me promptly with claims.”
  • “Platinum’s benefits were a savior during my hospital stay, covering surgery costs and alleviating a significant financial burden.”
  • Having Platinum insurance offers peace of mind, knowing I’m protected in case of illness or injury.


  • “Platinum’s plans fell short, leaving me with hefty out-of-pocket expenses despite filing a claim.”
  • “Filing a claim with Platinum was a nightmare; the process was arduous, taking months for approval.”
  • “Rising premiums forced me to reconsider. Sadly, I can’t afford them anymore, prompting cancellation.”

In essence, Platinum Supplemental Insurance’s reputation is mixed.

While some customers laud positive encounters, others express grievances.

Personal needs and budget considerations should guide decisions when choosing any insurance policy, including those offered by Platinum.

Platinum Supplemental Insurance benefits:

An infographic of Platinum Supplemental Insurance Benefits
Platinum Supplemental Insurance Benefits

Certainly! Platinum Supplemental Insurance provides diverse plans crafted to complement your primary health insurance, addressing expenses that may go beyond your primary coverage. Here’s an overview of key advantages:

Financial Security:

  1. Cash Benefits: In the event of a covered critical illness or accident, you receive a lump sum cash payment, offering financial assistance for lost wages, travel, childcare, and out-of-pocket medical expenses.
  2. Optional Return of Premium: Certain plans provide an option to return your total paid premiums if no claims are filed by a specific age.

Coverage Options:

  1. Plan Variety: Choose from plans tailored for critical illnesses, accidents, hospitalization, nursing home care, or combinations to suit your specific needs.
  2. Flexible Benefit Amounts: Plans offer varying payout amounts, allowing customization based on your budget and requirements.
  3. Optional Riders: Enhance coverage with optional riders such as cancer expense benefits, disability income benefits, or accidental death benefits.

Additional Advantages:

  1. No Medical Exam: Acceptance is based on health questions, ensuring accessibility to a broader audience.
  2. Guaranteed Acceptance: Some plans offer guaranteed acceptance regardless of pre-existing conditions, albeit with higher premiums.
  3. Renewal Guarantee: Once enrolled, policy renewal is guaranteed upon consistent premium payments, subject to plan availability.

Important Considerations:

  1. Coverage Limits: Benefits are specific to the chosen plan and may not address all needs comprehensively.
  2. Exclusions and Limitations: Each plan has defined exclusions and limitations, emphasizing the importance of thoroughly reviewing policy details.
  3. Premium Variations: Costs can fluctuate based on age, health, location, and chosen plan. I think it’s best to compare prices with alternative options.
  4. Supplemental Nature: This coverage is supplemental and doesn’t replace your primary health insurance but complements it effectively.

Platinum Supplemental Insurance careers

Certainly! Platinum Supplemental Insurance is a hub for dynamic sales careers, offering exciting opportunities to individuals keen on promoting supplemental health insurance policies.

Here’s a brief overview:

Sales Careers:

  1. Entry-level positions: Comprehensive training and support are provided for those with no prior experience.
  2. Experienced agents: Experienced insurance professionals are welcomed with competitive compensation and commission structures.
  3. Target audience: Focus on selling supplemental insurance plans to individuals and families.
  4. Work environment: Positions are typically independent contractor roles, offering flexibility and high-income potential.


  1. High earning potential: Lucrative commissions with the chance to earn significant income early on.
  2. Training and support: Extensive programs and ongoing support ensure your success.
  3. Flexible schedule: Enjoy control over your work hours as an independent contractor.
  4. Rewarding work: Help families prepare for unexpected medical expenses, providing financial security and peace of mind.

Career Path: Platinum provides a structured career path with opportunities for advancement into leadership roles like team leader or agency manager.

Additional Opportunities:

  1. Internships & Graduate Programs: Valuable experiences and potential for full-time positions.
  2. Non-sales roles: Occasional openings in areas like marketing, IT, and customer service.

Platinum Supplemental Insurance BBB


  1. High rating: An A+ rating reflects a strong history of resolving customer complaints.
  2. Few complaints: Considering its size and industry, the company has received relatively minimal complaints.
  3. Response rate: Platinum demonstrates a proactive approach by responding promptly to a significant percentage of complaints on the BBB platform.
  4. Resolutions: Most complaints are effectively resolved to the satisfaction of customers.


  1. Number of complaints: While comparably low, there are still some customer complaints noted in the BBB report.
  2. Nature of complaints: Issues include challenges with denied claims, claim filing difficulties, and concerns about sales practices.

Additionally, it’s crucial to weigh other factors like:

  1. Customer reviews: Explore diverse online sources for a comprehensive view of customer experiences.
  2. Financial stability: Investigate the company’s financial health and overall reputation.
  3. Coverage details: Scrutinize the specifics of insurance plans, including exclusions, limitations, and benefits.
  4. Alternatives: Compare Platinum Supplemental Insurance with other available options in your area.

Platinum Supplemental Insurance claims

Filing a Claim:

  1. Online initiation: Kick off the claim process conveniently on Platinum’s website: Platinum Claim Portal.
  2. Tailored forms: Different claim types necessitate specific forms. Download the appropriate form matching your circumstance—be it an accident, critical illness, screening, etc.
  3. Document submission: Attach essential documents such as medical records, bills, and claim forms following the provided guidelines.
  4. Customer service contact: If uncertainties arise, reach out to Platinum’s customer service at 1-888-593-4310 for assistance.

Claim Processing:

  1. Processing timeframe: Anticipate a 4-6 week duration for claim processing post-complete submission.
  2. Thorough claim review: Each claim undergoes scrutiny based on policy terms, exclusions, and limitations.
  3. Notification of decision: Receive timely notifications regarding claim approval or denial, accompanied by detailed explanations.
  4. Appeals avenue: In case of dissatisfaction, an appeals process is accessible.

Important Considerations:

  1. Exclusions and limitations: Please make sure to delve into your policy particulars to understand covered and excluded aspects.
  2. Documentation significance: Please make sure your claim includes all essential documents for a seamless processing experience.
  3. Stay informed: Maintain communication with Platinum throughout the process, seeking updates or clarification as needed.
  4. Seek assistance if needed: If grappling with the claim process, contemplate enlisting help from an insurance professional or advocate.

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