Progressive Renters Insurance Overview: Overview, Policy, Coverage, Limits, Discounts, Rates, Claims, Customer Service Options & Availability

Progressive Renters Insurance Overview: Find Your Ideal Policy.!!!

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“Find Your Ideal Policy: Progressive Renters Insurance Overview”

So, basically, there’s no law saying renters HAVE to get insurance, but sometimes landlords do ask for proof of it before you sign the lease.

Renters insurance is pretty cool because it covers your stuff, whether it’s in your place or not, if something bad happens like theft, damage, or destruction.

At Insuranceblob, we always suggest getting renters insurance because your landlord’s insurance won’t cover YOUR things.

It’s just a smart way to feel secure about your stuff when you’re renting a place.

Policies & Coverage

Progressive Renters Insurance App

Hey there!

So, Progressive’s renters insurance covers the basics like most other companies, but they also offer some extra options you might find useful.

  • Personal property:

First off, they’ve got you covered for your personal stuff like clothes, electronics, and furniture.

But if you’ve got anything super valuable, like fancy jewelry or high-end electronics, you might need to schedule those separately.

  • Personal liability:

Then there’s liability coverage, which kicks in if someone gets hurt in your place or their stuff gets damaged.

  • Guest medical expenses:

If a guest gets injured and you’re responsible, Progressive also chips in for their medical expenses, though it’s limited.

  • Loss of use:

Now, if something happens to your place and it becomes unlivable, they’ll help cover the costs of staying elsewhere and even meals.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Water backup coverage:

You can add on extra coverage like water backup protection for sewer issues, or personal injury coverage for things like legal fees related to slander or libel.

  • Scheduled items:

And if you’ve got expensive items like artwork or fancy gadgets, you’ll want to schedule those separately since they’re not automatically covered.

  • Replacement cost coverage:

Now, by default, Progressive pays out the actual cash value of your stuff, but you can opt for replacement cost coverage for a bit extra.

  • Single deductible benefit:

And here’s a cool perk!

If you bundle your renter’s insurance with your auto insurance and need to file claims under both, Progressive will reimburse you for one deductible payment.

Oh, and one important note!

Renters insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, so you’d need to get a separate policy through FEMA for that.



So, when it comes to coverage limits, Progressive actually gives you quite a bit of flexibility, which is great if you’ve got a big place or tons of stuff.

Here are the limits for Progressive renters’ insurance.

  • Personal property: No maximum limit
  • Loss of use: No maximum limit
  • Personal liability: $100,000; $300,000; $500,000
  • Medical payments to others: $1,000

But here’s the deal!

If you go for higher limits than usual, it’s gonna bump up the price of your Progressive renter’s insurance.

Just something to keep in mind!



So, Progressive has some neat discounts to help you save on your renters insurance.

  • Multi-policy discount:

Save 3% by bundling your renter’s insurance with auto insurance; you may get additional discounts for bundling motorcycle, boat, or other insurance policies.

  • Quote in advance:

You can get a discount if you get your online quote at least three days before your policy inception date.

  • Email documents:

Agree to have your policy and other documents emailed instead of mailed to save on your premium.

  • Pay in advance:

If you can afford to pay your annual renters insurance premium in full in advance, you can get a discount.

  • Secure/gated community:

If your rental has a security guard or is in a gated community, you will get a break on your renters’ insurance.

Oh, and here’s a cool thing!

You can actually stack these discounts to max out your savings.

So, the more, the merrier!

Progressive Renters Insurance Review of 2024: Overview, Financial and Customer Service Ratings, Pros & Cons

Average Rates


So, Progressive’s rates for renters’ insurance are a tad higher than the national average of around $15 per month.

Here’s the breakdown for monthly costs based on different coverage limits:

  • If you go for $15,000 in coverage, it’s about $18 per month or $216 per year.
  • Bumping it up to $30,000 coverage will set you back around $23 per month or $276 per year.
  • And if you opt for $50,000 in coverage, it’s roughly $30 per month or $360 per year.

Now, if you spring for a policy with a high personal liability limit or if you schedule your valuable stuff separately, expect to shell out more than these averages.

Oh, and one more thing to keep in mind: your deductible plays a role too.

A higher deductible means lower premiums, while a lower one will cost you more each month.



So, when it comes to filing a renters insurance claim with Progressive, it’s a bit more involved than you might expect.

See, Progressive offers policies from different companies like American Modern, Homesite, and Foremost.

To file a claim, you’ll actually need to reach out to the specific company that issued your policy.

But hey!

Progressive’s made it easier by giving you a dedicated page with contact info for all these companies.

If you’re feeling a bit lost in the process, you can always hit up Progressive directly at 1-800-776-4737 for some guidance.

Now, before you make that call, make sure you’ve got all the deets handy:

  • The date and time of the incident
  • The nature of the property involved
  • The location of the incident
  • Your contact information
  • The cause of damage
  • Details of injuries, if applicable

Once you’ve filed your claim, they’ll give you a claim number, so jot that down.

You’ll need it if you wanna check up on how things are going with your claim.

Customer Service Options & Availability

Hey, when you’re thinking about getting renters insurance, it’s super important to think about customer service too.

You wanna know you’ll have someone to turn to if you ever need to file a claim, right?

So, with Progressive, they’ve got you covered with six different ways to get help, all listed on their Contact Us page.

  • Online Self-Service:

First up, you can handle a bunch of stuff online through your Progressive account.

They’ve got FAQs, insights, and handy tools and calculators.

  • Live Chat:

Then there’s Live Chat with Flo, their automated customer service bot, available 24/7, every day of the year.

  • Phone Support:

If you prefer talking to a real person, you can give them a ring anytime, day or night.

Plus, they’ve got Spanish support during certain hours for both general customer service and claims.

  • Email Support:

Need something in writing?

Fill out their contact form online, and they’ll shoot you a response within five business days.

  • Mobile Support:

For all you mobile folks, their free app gives you round-the-clock support for anything related to your policy, claims, or coverage.

  • Social Media Support:

And hey!

If you’re more of a social media kinda person, you can hit them up on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or LifeLanes for some help.

So yeah, no matter how you like to get in touch, Progressive’s got a way to make it happen.


A. Does renters’ insurance from Progressive cover my belongings outside of my rental unit?

A: Yes, Progressive renters’ insurance typically covers your personal belongings, whether they’re inside your rental unit or not.

So, if your belongings are stolen from your car or while you’re on vacation, they’re still protected up to your policy’s limits.


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