Prudential Disability Insurance NJEA

This article will explain how Prudential Company of America safeguards a segment of your salary through a disability insurance scheme supported by NJEA.

Additionally, I will address the topic of aiding new NJEA members who are in the early stages of accumulating sick leave or those who are unable to work due to factors such as accidents, illnesses, mental health issues, or pregnancy, in paying for expenses such as rent/mortgage, health insurance premiums, child care, college tuition, and other related costs.
Prudential Disability Insurance NJEA

Prudential disability insurance NJEA

This policy specifically offers disability income insurance and does not include basic hospital, basic medical, or major medical insurance, as per the definition provided by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

If the disability is due to a pre-existing condition*, and it commences within the first 12 months of coverage, it will not be covered by this policy.

The elimination period refers to the duration between the onset of an illness or injury and the commencement of payable benefits. Opting for a longer elimination period reduces the premium cost per paycheck.

How NJEA disability insurance works

  • In New Jersey, State Disability coverage does not usually extend to school employees. This means that once you use up all your sick days, your salary payments stop.
  • Members of NJEA are guaranteed coverage within the first 120 days of joining, without having to answer any health questions or take exams (although pre-existing conditions may not be covered).
  • Pregnancy is considered a covered disability. You can conveniently pay for the coverage by having the premiums deducted from your paycheck.

Can you transfer from another district?

If you switch to a different school district in New Jersey, you have the option to either maintain your existing NJEA Disability coverage or modify it according to your requirements.

Provided that you make the change within 120 days, you won’t have to answer any health-related inquiries.

New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits and Family Leave Insurance

Temporary Disability Benefit (TDB) offers benefit payments to insured workers in the state who experience a disability, illness, or injury that hinders their ability to work, provided it is not work-related.

Family Leave Insurance (NJ FLI) offers individuals paid benefits for up to twelve weeks during a 12-month period to attend to the needs of a loved one who is seriously ill, such as an elderly parent or in-law.

Types of Disability

Short Term Disability

Offers employees an income source when they’re unable to work temporarily due to an illness or injury. By prioritizing the goal of getting employees back to work, claim managers ensure swift and precise determinations, relieving workers of the burden of handling paperwork and allowing them to concentrate on recuperation.

Long Term Disability

LTD Insurance provides financial coverage for a fraction of an employee’s earnings in the event of their inability to work for a prolonged period because of an injury or illness.

NJEA Disability Insurance

  • PruProtect plus
  • PruProtect Six-Month
  • PruProctect Two-Year

NJEA Sick Leave Coordinated Plan

(You may be eligible for selection with a Short Term Disability Plan)

There are supplementary advantages available in situations where sick leave has been used up.

These benefits are determined by the number of sick days a person had when they first became disabled. They are payable for a maximum of two school years and are not decreased by any other sources of income.

Four Best Disability Insurance companies of 2023

  1. Guardian
  2. Breeze
  3. Assurity
  4. The Standard

Worst insurance companies in USA

  1. Allstate
  2. Unum
  3. AIG
  4. State Farm
  5. Conseco
  6. WellPoint
  7. Farmers
  8. UnitedHealth
  9. Torchmark

Why disability claim can be denied

Insurance companies are designed to generate profits and therefore have the ability to reject claims for long-term disability insurance, even if the claims are legitimate.

Here are several explanations as to why this may occur;

  • Possessing an excluded or pre-existing medical condition
  • Reporting symptoms without concrete medical documentation
  • Absence of complete medical records
  • Insufficient proof of disability
  • Disagreement between your doctor and the insurer’s medical professionals
  • Engaging in activities that your disability would normally hinder
  • Failure to meet the criteria for being deemed “disabled” as outlined in the policy terms.

How to appeal a disability benefits denial

Hiring a proficient lawyer can improve your likelihood of receiving approval for your MetLife benefits claim by a significant margin.

With the help of an attorney, you can obtain vital documents such as medical records, a doctor’s statement, or occupational details, which may be difficult to collect on your own.

Compiling this information is crucial to the success of your appeal.

How to prepare for an appeal

To ensure you comprehend why your application was denied and identify any deficiencies in your case, it is important to read and comprehend your denial letter thoroughly.

Additionally, make sure to gather as much supportive evidence as possible for your administrative record.

It is crucial to retain your denial letter, which will also provide instructions on how to initiate an appeal. It is essential to adhere to these instructions since they are vital.

Under federal law, insurance companies must provide a minimum of 60 days for the claimant to submit an appeal.


The article discusses how Prudential and NJEA provide disability insurance to safeguard a portion of an employee’s salary in case they are unable to work due to various factors.

The policy covers pre-existing conditions after 12 months, and opting for a longer elimination period reduces the premium cost.

The article also talks about the types of disability insurance available, temporary disability benefits, and family leave insurance in New Jersey.

It further explains why disability claims can be denied and how to appeal a denial, including hiring a lawyer and gathering supportive evidence.


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