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Empowering Protection: A glimpse into the reliable services and customer-centric approach of Repwest Insurance Company, ensuring peace of mind for U-Haul customers and storage facility owners alike.

If you’re searching for a dependable and budget-friendly insurance provider in Arizona, consider Repwest Insurance Company.

It is a subsidiary of AMERCO, the parent company of U-Haul International.

Repwest Insurance Company offers various insurance products and services tailored to the needs of U-Haul customers, dealers, and independent storage facility owners.

In this blog post, we’ll thoroughly examine Repwest Insurance Company, covering its:

History, offerings, financials, coverage specifics, claims, legal aspects, renewals and cancellations, company ethos, and customer feedback.

By the end of this post, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of what Repwest Insurance Company brings to the table and how to reach them if you’re interested.

Company Overview

Founding Yaer:

Founded in 1973 as Republic Western Insurance Company and later renamed Repwest Insurance Company in 2008, the company is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

It operates as a subsidiary of AMERCO, the parent company of U-Haul International.

Repwest Insurance Company caters to the property/casualty insurance needs of U-Haul, its customers, and dealers.

Additionally, the company offers business insurance policies for independent storage facility owners through Ponderosa Insurance Agency.

CEO and Leadership Team:

At the helm of Repwest Insurance Company is Edward J. Shoen, who serves as the Chairman of the Board.

He also holds the positions of Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer at AMERCO.

Key executives in the company include John C. Taylor (President), Jason A. Berg (Chief Financial Officer), Samuel J. Shoen (Vice President), and James P. Acridge (Vice President).

Market Share and Company Size:

In the US property/casualty insurance industry, Repwest Insurance Company holds a market share of 0.01%. As of 2020, the company had 133 employees and reported revenue of $55.2 million.

Company Contacts

Here’s some essential information about Repwest Insurance Company:

Phone Number (800) 528-7134
Address 2721 N Central Ave FL 8 Phoenix, AZ 85004-1132
Customer Service Contact Contact Us
Policy Details Products
Email Address
Fax Number (602) 277-5812
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Services & Products

Repwest Insurance Company offers a variety of insurance products and services tailored to the needs of U-Haul customers, dealers, and independent storage facility owners.

Some key insurance types provided by Repwest Insurance Company include:

This insurance covers cargo protection, medical and accidental death insurance, and damage waiver for rented vehicles and equipment. Safemove Plus also offers additional liability insurance above the U-Haul Rental Contract.

  • Storage Insurance: For U-Haul customers who store belongings in U-Haul facilities, Repwest Insurance Company offers SafeStor insurance.

This policy safeguards stored items from unforeseen losses due to natural disasters, weather, or other uncontrollable events.

  • Business Insurance: Independent storage facility owners looking to offer SafeStor to their tenants can access business insurance through Ponderosa Insurance Agency, a division of Repwest Insurance Company.

This coverage includes protection for property damage, liability, crime, workers’ compensation, and business interruption.

Repwest Insurance Company does not provide other types of insurance, such as:

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Furthermore, they do not currently offer special packages or bundled services.

Their coverage is available only in the United States and Canada, and they do not provide temporary or short-term policies.

Financial Information

Repwest Insurance Company’s financial details depend on the specific product or service you choose.

Here are some general insights into the costs and financial aspects:

  • Premium Costs: The cost of your insurance premium is determined by factors like the type and size of the rented vehicle or equipment, the value of stored items, and your chosen coverage level.

You can obtain a premium quote online or by calling (800) 528-7134.

You can pay for your insurance online or at any U-Haul location when you pick up or drop off your rental or storage contract.

Payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks, and money orders.

  • Discounts and Promotions: At present, Repwest Insurance Company does not offer specific discounts or promotional offers.

However, you can save by selecting appropriate coverage for your needs and taking advantage of U-Haul’s competitive rates and complimentary services like free towing inspection, online reservations, a free month of storage, and free damage coverage.

Coverage Details

Coverage specifics with Repwest Insurance Company vary based on the product or service you select.

Here are some key insights into the scope and limitations of their coverage:

Repwest Insurance Company outlines specific events or situations not covered by their insurance products and services.

Common exclusions include:

An infographic illustration of Policy Exclusions

  • Coverage Limits:

Coverage limits are the maximum amounts paid out in the event of a claim.

These limits are determined by factors such as the type and size of the rented vehicle or equipment, the value of stored belongings, and your selected coverage level.

Specific coverage limits are available in your insurance contract or on the U-Haul website.

  • Add-ons or Riders:

Repwest Insurance Company offers optional add-ons or riders that you can include in your insurance coverage for an extra cost.

These may include roadside assistance, glass damage waiver, personal effects coverage, trip interruption coverage, and supplemental liability protection.

Information on available add-ons or riders can be found in your insurance contract or on the U-Haul website.

Claims Process

Filing a claim with Repwest Insurance Company is a straightforward process that varies depending on the product or service you’ve chosen.

Here are the steps to follow when filing a claim:

  • Claim Process:

The process for filing a claim with Repwest Insurance Company depends on whether you have auto insurance (Safemove, Safemove Plus, or Safetow) or storage insurance (SafeStor).

For auto insurance claims, report any damage to the rented vehicle or equipment to U-Haul and contact Repwest Insurance Company at (800) 528-7134.

If you have storage insurance, report loss or damage to your stored belongings to U-Haul within 24 hours and contact Ponderosa Insurance Agency at (800) 528-7134 for filing.

For business insurance claims, reach out to Ponderosa Insurance Agency.

  • Required Documents for Claims:

The documents you need to provide for claims depend on the type and nature of your claim.

Common documents may include proof of purchase, proof of loss or damage, police reports, photos, receipts, invoices, and estimates.

Specific document requirements are outlined in your insurance contract’s terms and conditions.

  • Average Claim Approval Time:

While the average claim approval time for Repwest Insurance Company isn’t publicly available, customer reviews and ratings suggest the company has a reputation for swift and equitable claims processing.

Legal & Compliance

Repwest Insurance Company is committed to safeguarding your privacy and adhering to relevant laws and regulations.

Important legal and compliance aspects include:

It also outlines your rights and choices regarding your personal information and provides contact information for any questions or concerns.

You can review the full privacy policy on Repwest’s website.

  • Terms and Conditions: Repwest Insurance Company’s terms and conditions establish the terms of your agreement when you purchase its products and services.

These terms cover aspects such as coverage scope and limitations, payment and cancellation policies, dispute resolution procedures, liability disclaimers, and governing laws.

The full terms and conditions are available on Repwest’s website.

Renewals & Cancellations

The renewal and cancellation policies of Repwest Insurance Company differ based on your chosen product or service.

Here are some general guidelines to understand the process:

For auto insurance, your policy automatically renews when you extend your rental contract with U-Haul, with additional days of coverage billed at the same rate.

For storage insurance, your policy renews when you pay your monthly storage fee, providing the same coverage as your original contract.

Business insurance policies renew annually unless you notify Ponderosa Insurance Agency in writing at least 30 days before expiration.

  • Cancellation Policy and Fees: The cancellation policy and associated fees hinge on the type and duration of your rental or storage contract with U-Haul.

For auto insurance, you can cancel at any time by returning the rented vehicle or equipment, with any unused days refunded minus a $5 cancellation fee.

For storage insurance, you can cancel at any time by removing your belongings from U-Haul storage facilities, with any unused days refunded minus a $5 cancellation fee.

Business insurance policyholders can cancel at any time by notifying Ponderosa Insurance Agency in writing, with refunds provided for unused premiums minus a $25 cancellation fee.

  • Grace Periods: Grace periods, or the time allowed for premium payments after the due date, depend on your rental or storage contract with U-Haul.

For auto insurance, you have a 10-day grace period from the due date to make your premium payment.

For storage insurance, you have a 30-day grace period, while business insurance policies provide a 31-day grace period.

Company Culture

Repwest Insurance Company’s company culture centers on four core principles: integrity, excellence, innovation, and teamwork.

The company strives to uphold these principles in all aspects of its operations, from customer service to product development and employee support.

Repwest Insurance Company is dedicated to delivering quality insurance solutions that meet the needs of U-Haul customers, dealers, and independent storage facility owners.

Customer Experiences

Customer feedback is valuable to Repwest Insurance Company, and they actively encourage customers to share their experiences and opinions.

Here are some examples of customer reviews and ratings:

  • Customer Review 1: “I rented a U-Haul truck and trailer for my cross-country move and purchased Safemove Plus insurance from Repwest.

Unfortunately, I got into an accident on the way and damaged both the truck and the trailer. I was so worried about the costs and the hassle, but Repwest was amazing.

They handled everything quickly and professionally, and paid for the repairs, the towing, and the medical bills.

They also gave me a replacement truck and trailer without any extra charge. I was so impressed by their service and compassion.

I would highly recommend Repwest to anyone who needs insurance for their U-Haul rental.” – John S., 5 stars


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