Reviews Of Ambetter Health Insurance? A Detailed Analysis

Reviews Of Ambetter Health Insurance?

Ambetter insurance, found in specific states on the Health Insurance Marketplace, offers low-cost health insurance.

While Ambetter plans have affordable monthly rates, they tend to come with higher deductibles than average.

Reviews for Ambetter are predominantly negative, though these opinions differ notably across states.

Prospective enrollees should conduct thorough research before considering a health insurance plan with Ambetter.

Ambetter stands as an affordable health insurance choice exclusively available through the Affordable Care Act exchange across 26 states, boasting competitive rates.

Despite numerous negative reviews, some customers express contentment with their coverage.

Prospective enrollees eyeing an Ambetter health insurance plan should diligently research options.

Consider reaching out to local health insurance specialists and comparing quotes to secure the most suitable plan for your needs.

Reviews Of Ambetter Health Insurance
Explore comprehensive reviews of Ambetter Health Insurance, assessing coverage, provider networks, customer experiences, and plan options. Gain insights to make informed decisions about am better’s health insurance offerings./PHOTO COURTESY

What is Ambetter insurance?

Ambetter, part of Centene Corporation, aligns with the Health Insurance Marketplace and operates under the umbrella of a Fortune 25 company established in 1984.

Centene, a leading Medicaid managed care entity nationwide, gained prominence amid larger health insurance providers’ withdrawals from certain state marketplaces.

As a Health Insurance Marketplace product, Ambetter doesn’t directly provide insurance.

Instead, it collaborates with other insurance companies, selling health insurance products on state marketplaces.

Ambetter’s focus lies in offering low-cost health coverage for individuals ineligible for Medicaid or CHIP. Medicaid recipients also have the option to enroll in Ambetter for supplementary coverage.

Where is Ambetter insurance available?

Ambetter collaborates with insurers in various states, offering cost-effective health plans. Operating in 26 states, Ambetter plans expansion through 2022.

Depending on the state, Ambetter may go by different names.

To locate in-network doctors, know your state’s specific insurer linked with Ambetter.

Access the Ambetter insurance phone number via their website, categorized by state, and use your Ambetter insurance login for plan details and digital ID card.

Ambetter Health Insurance Plans

Ambetter’s plans tend to be acceptable but lean toward the lower end in terms of health insurance offerings.

While premiums are affordable, expect higher out-of-pocket costs and deductibles compared to competitors.

Ambetter’s network of physicians is notably limited, offering fewer care choices than more renowned providers.

Aligned with the Affordable Care Act’s bronze, silver, and gold tiers, Ambetter presents standard tiered plans: Essential, Balanced, and Secure.

Additionally, Ambetter stands out by providing optional vision and dental insurance supplements.

Assessing cost breakdowns and coverage specifics for each tier, especially the Essential Care (Bronze) plan designed for a 30-year-old male in Ohio, is advisable.

Ambetter Insurance Reviews

It seems that Ambetter has garnered a significant volume of negative customer reviews, primarily highlighting limited coverage options, a scarcity of in-network physicians, and dissatisfaction with customer service.

Some physicians also report challenges in receiving payment for services from Ambetter.

These reviews tend to vary widely based on the insured individual’s state, with Ambetter receiving ratings ranging from A+ to D- by the Better Business Bureau across different states.

When evaluating Ambetter via BBB reviews, it’s crucial to refine searches by state for a clearer understanding of their performance in your area.

Ambetter functions as a health insurance product line, not a direct insurer, which influences these varied reviews.

When seeking in-network physicians, identifying your state-specific Ambetter plan is crucial for smoother communication with healthcare providers.

There have been instances where healthcare facilities are unfamiliar with Ambetter and might recognize it under its state-specific plan name, like Ohio’s Buckeye Health.

Confirming a physician’s affiliation with the specific Ambetter plan in your state is essential to avoid coverage discrepancies.

Additionally, Ambetter, under Centene Corporation, is facing a class-action lawsuit alleging fraudulent health insurance practices.

Centene has also resolved Medicaid overcharge allegations by paying over $360 million to states and institutions.

Amid these legal concerns, the company’s CEO, Michael Neidorff, stepped down due to Medicaid fraud allegations.

Ambetter Health Insurance Benefits

Ambetter offers nationwide coverage across its 26 states, allowing access to in-network doctors even when traveling between states.

Additionally, they provide cashback rewards for completing various health challenges, from simple surveys to vaccinations or wellness checkups, redeemable for cash or prizes.

While Ambetter previously faced provider shortages, their expanded coverage in multiple states, fueled by parent company Centene Corporation acquiring more entities, has addressed this issue.

Despite mixed customer reviews, some consumers express satisfaction with Ambetter, emphasizing increased coverage options and fewer claim denials when aligned with the state-specific Ambetter plan.

Ambetter’s close ties with Medicaid, however, can lead to a scarcity of providers nationally willing to accept lower-income insurance due to billing limitations compared to traditional health insurance.

Is Ambetter insurance the right choice for you?

Ambetter serves as an affordable health insurance choice for eligible state residents, yet it faces numerous negative reviews and a class-action lawsuit.

While these reviews might deter enrollment, conducting thorough research is crucial.

Before opting for an Ambetter plan, ensure your preferred doctors are in-network. If considering Ambetter, proceed cautiously.

Seek guidance from a local health insurance expert, compare insurance quotes, and assess multiple options to secure the most suitable coverage for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ambetter Health Insurance?

Ambetter Health Insurance, a brand under Centene Corporation, provides health insurance plans for individuals and families through the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Marketplace.

What types of health insurance plans does Ambetter offer?

Ambetter offers bronze, silver, and gold level plans with varying costs for premiums, deductibles, copayments, and out-of-pocket maximums, allowing individuals to select a plan aligned with their healthcare needs and budget.

Does Ambetter Health Insurance offer coverage in all states?

Ambetter operates in multiple states, but coverage availability differs. It’s essential to verify Ambetter’s presence in your state and review available plans and networks.

What healthcare services are covered by Ambetter Health Insurance plans?

Ambetter typically covers essential services like preventive care, doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription drugs, emergency care, mental health, and maternity care, with coverage specifics varying by chosen plan.

How can I find healthcare providers that accept Ambetter Health Insurance?

Utilize Ambetter’s online directory to find in-network doctors, hospitals, specialists, and healthcare professionals covered under their insurance plans.

Can I use Ambetter Health Insurance for out-of-network care?

Ambetter plans usually offer limited or no coverage for out-of-network care, except in emergencies or specified circumstances outlined in the plan details.

How do I enroll in an Ambetter Health Insurance plan?

Enroll through the Health Insurance Marketplace during open or special enrollment periods, selecting Ambetter as your provider. Alternatively, seek assistance from licensed insurance brokers or navigators for enrollment guidance.

Does Ambetter Health Insurance offer additional benefits or programs?

Ambetter Health Insurance might include additional benefits such as telehealth, nurse hotlines, care management, wellness programs, and health-related discounts. Explore specific plan details for available extras.


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