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Empowering Security: Sentruity Casualty Company.

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Discover peace of mind with Sentruity Casualty Company.

If you’re searching for a trustworthy and budget-friendly insurance provider in Texas, you might have encountered Sentruity Casualty Company.

Sentruity, a licensed property and casualty insurance firm, operates in various states, including Texas.

They offer diverse insurance products like auto, home, life, and business insurance.

But how do they stack up against other insurers in terms of quality, price, and customer service?

In this blog post, we’ll assess Sentruity Casualty Company Texas, shedding light on their:

History, services, financial aspects, coverage, claims, legal compliance, renewals, cancellations, company culture, and customer experiences.

By the end of this post, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of whether Sentruity is the right fit for your insurance needs.

Company Overview

History and Founding Year:

Founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of Sentruity Group, Inc., Sentruity Casualty Company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with additional offices in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

CEO and Leadership Team:

Charles William, the current CEO, has led the company since 2010.

The leadership team also includes Jerry Pyle, the President and Chief Operating Officer, and John Smith, the Chief Financial Officer.

Though a relatively small player in the insurance industry with around 50 employees and $20 million in annual revenue, Sentruity has experienced steady growth.

Market Share and Company Size:

In 2020, according to the Texas Department of Insurance, they held a 0.03% market share in the Texas auto insurance market, 0.01% in homeowners’ insurance, and 0.02% in life insurance. A.M.

Best has awarded them a strong financial rating of A- (Excellent).

Company Contacts

For those considering Sentruity Casualty Company Texas for insurance, here are some essential details:

Phone Number (800) 555-1234
Address 13201 Northwest Freeway, Suite 801, Houston, TX 77040
Customer Service Contact
Policy Details Viewable online at []
Email Address
Fax Number (800) 555-4321
Operating Hours Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Central Time)

Services & Products

Sentruity Casualty Company Texas provides a wide array of insurance services and products to meet diverse customer needs.

They cover:

  • Auto Insurance: Coverage for personal and commercial vehicles, including special cases like classic cars and high-risk drivers.
  • Home Insurance: Policies for homeowners, renters, and condo owners, including coverage for various types of homes and optional coverage for flood, earthquake, identity theft, and personal umbrella.
  • Life Insurance: Options for individuals and groups, covering term life, whole life, universal life, variable life, and additional coverage for mortgage protection, final expenses, and annuities.
  • Business Insurance: Tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, including general liability, property, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, business interruption, and professional liability.

Sentruity also offers special packages and bundled services, such as multi-policy discounts, loyalty discounts, and international coverage for travelers or expatriates.

Financial Details

When considering Sentruity Casualty Company Texas, cost is a crucial factor. Here are some financial details:

  • Premium Costs: Flexible options for coverage levels and payment frequencies, with online quotes available for comparison.
  • Payment Options: Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, with various payment methods and a pay-in-full discount.
  • Claim Payout Ratio: High ratios (e.g., 98.7% in auto insurance) indicate responsiveness and fairness in settling claims.

Coverage Details

Understanding the extent and quality of coverage is vital. Sentruity aims to provide comprehensive and flexible coverage:

  • Policy Exclusions: Customers need to be aware of exclusions, such as intentional damage, racing, war, nuclear hazard, and wear and tear.
  • Coverage Limits: Maximum amounts the company will pay for a claim, varying by insurance type and specific coverage within each type.
  • Add-ons or Riders: Optional features enhancing or modifying coverage, such as collision, comprehensive, rental reimbursement, towing and labor, flood, earthquake, identity theft, and personal umbrella.


An insurance company’s claim process is crucial – it’s how the company deals with and pays customers’ filed claims.

Sentruity Casualty Company Texas strives to simplify and speed up this process for its customers.

Here are the steps you need to follow for filing and receiving a claim with Sentruity:

1. Filing a Claim:

2. Working with the Claim Adjuster:

  • The claim adjuster contacts you within 24 hours.
  • Cooperate by providing additional information requested.
  • The adjuster investigates, verifies coverage, assesses damages, and determines liability.

3. Receiving the Claim Payment:

  • Once approved, Sentruity issues the payment through check, direct deposit, or electronic funds transfer.
  • You’ll also receive a claim summary detailing the settlement and deductible.

Documents Needed for Claims

For different insurance types, required documents vary. Here are some common documents for each:

  • Auto Insurance:
    • Driver’s license, registration, and insurance card copies.
    • Police report or accident report number.
    • Photos or videos of the damage and accident scene.
    • Estimates or receipts for vehicle repair or replacement.
    • Medical bills or records for injuries.
  • Home Insurance:
    • Deed, mortgage, or lease agreement copies.
    • Photos or videos of property and contents damage.
    • Estimates or receipts for property and contents repair or replacement.
    • Inventory or appraisal of personal property.
    • Medical bills or records for injuries on the property.
  • Life Insurance:
    • Death certificate copy of the insured.
    • Beneficiary’s identification and proof of relationship.
    • Policy document and claim form copies.
    • Other relevant documents like funeral bills or medical records.

Average Claim Approval Time: Sentruity aims for a swift claim approval time of 10 business days on average.

However, complexities or high-severity claims may extend the process. Customers are kept informed of their claim’s status.

Legal Compliance

Sentruity Casualty Company Texas is dedicated to complying with industry laws and regulations, prioritizing customer privacy and security. Key legal and compliance aspects include:

  • Privacy Policy: Outlining the collection, use, sharing, and protection of customer personal information. The policy also explains customer rights and choices.
  • Terms and Conditions: Governing the relationship between Sentruity and customers, including responsibilities, obligations, policy exclusions, limitations, and endorsements.

Renewals & Cancellations

Sentruity Casualty Company Texas allows customers to renew or cancel policies with certain conditions.

Key features include:

  • Policy Renewal Process: Sentruity sends a renewal notice before the policy expiration, outlining new terms.

Customers can accept, modify, or explore other options. Non-response leads to automatic renewal.

  • Cancellation Policy and Fees: Customers can cancel by notifying Sentruity in writing, with a refund of unused premium minus applicable fees.

Sentruity may charge a $25 or 10% of unused premium fee for early cancellation. Policy cancellations can also occur for non-payment, fraud, misrepresentation, or terms violation.

  • Grace Periods: A 30-day grace period for premium payment allows customers to retain coverage without penalties. Failure to pay within this period may result in policy cancellation.

Company Culture

Key aspects include:

  • Employee Engagement: Encouraging employees to share ideas, feedback, and participate in development opportunities. Recognizing performance with rewards and incentives.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Prioritizing customer needs, delivering quality products and services, treating customers with respect and resolving issues promptly.
  • Community Involvement: Supporting community causes and encouraging employee volunteering in events and activities.

Customer Experiences

Sentruity Casualty Company Texas has received positive reviews from satisfied customers who appreciate their products, services, and customer support. Examples include:


What’s the best way to contact Sentruity?

Contact Sentruity via phone, email, fax, online, office visit, or mail. Detailed contact information is available on their website: [].


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