Should I Use Insurance to Replace My Windshield? A Simple Guide

Your car’s windshield is more than just a shield against wind and debris.

It’s like a superhero that keeps you safe in accidents, stops things from getting into your car, and helps hold up the roof if your car flips over.

It’s really important, so fixing any damage quickly is a big deal.

An image illustration of Should I Use Insurance to Replace My Windshield? A Simple Guide
Should I Use Insurance to Replace My Windshield? A Simple Guide

But here’s the question: should you let your insurance help pay for it?

Join as we discuss this delicate issue.

Understanding Your Choices with Insurance

Deciding if you should use your insurance depends on a few things.

For example, how bad the damage is, how much you have to pay (called a deductible), and how much the repairs cost.

In some places, they have zero-deductible rules, so using insurance is an easy choice.

But if you have to pay some money (a deductible), comparing that to the repair costs helps you decide if you should pay for it yourself.

Different Kinds of Insurance for Windshield Problems

There are a few types of insurance that can help with windshield issues:

  1. Comprehensive Insurance: This kind of insurance usually pays for windshield damage from things like theft, fire, flood, hail, falling objects, and if an animal hits your car. It’s optional, but sometimes you need it if you have a car loan.
  2. Collision Insurance: This is extra insurance that might help if your windshield is cracked because of a crash.
  3. Full Glass Coverage: Some insurance companies have special options just for fixing or replacing your windshield. It might cost more, but it could save you money if you have to pay a lot (a high deductible).

Figuring Out the Money Stuff (Deductibles) for Windshield Claims

Normally, you have to pay a certain amount of money (a deductible) when you use your insurance.

But for windshield problems, some places have rules (zero-deductible laws) that say you don’t have to pay anything.

That can make fixing your windshield easier.

Getting Help with Windshield Damage

When your windshield is hurt, telling your insurance company right away is really important.

They might ask for details and pictures, and some might suggest specific places to get it fixed.

How flexible they are can vary, so it’s good to know what your insurance company likes.

Common Reasons Your Windshield Gets Hurt

Knowing what can hurt your windshield helps you avoid problems.

Things like rocks on the road, hail during storms, branches falling from trees, or even a bad car crash can cause damage.

Even the weather, like really hot or cold days, can make your windshield crack.

Deciding if Your Windshield Needs a Check-Up or a Fix

Every now and then, your car’s front window, called the windshield, might require a professional to examine it.

This is particularly important if there are many cracks, damage on the sides, or if it’s tough to see through.

Even tiny issues can turn into bigger problems when you’re driving, so it’s a good idea to have someone look at it

Legal Stuff and Staying Safe with a Good Windshield

In some places, your car can’t pass an inspection if your windshield is damaged.

In others, it might be against the law to drive if your windshield is messed up and you can’t see well.

So, fixing it is not just about the car; it’s also about following the rules and being safe.

What Happens to Your Insurance After a Windshield Claim

Usually, one claim for your windshield won’t make your insurance cost a lot more.

But if you have lots of claims in a short time, your insurance might get more expensive.

Other insurance companies might also look at your history of claims when you want to switch.

The Steps to Fix Your Windshield

  1. Tell Your Insurance: Start a claim online or call them, and tell them all about what happened to your windshield.
  2. Pick a Place to Fix It: Choose a place your insurance recommends or one you like, making sure the insurance will cover the costs.
  3. Pay Your Deductible: If you have to pay some money (a deductible), you can give it directly to the repair place or talk to your insurance about getting it back.


When your windshield is hurt, don’t wait. Fixing it quickly keeps you safe and follows the rules. Check what your insurance covers, think about the money side, and decide if you want to use insurance to help with the costs. It’s not just about your car; it’s about being safe, doing what’s right, and not spending too much money.


Q: Does car insurance help if my windshield is damaged?

A: Yes, some types of insurance can pay for windshield damage, but it depends on what happened.

Q: Will using insurance make my payments go up?

A: Probably not if it’s just one time, but if you keep having problems, it might cost more later.

Q: How do I tell my insurance about my windshield problem?

A: Let them know as soon as you can, and they might want to see pictures of the damage. They might also suggest where to get it fixed.


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