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Established in 1965, Standard Casualty Company (TX) specializes in manufactured home insurance, operating out of Texas.

For over 50 years, the company has been delivering comprehensive protection plans to manufactured homeowners.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Standard Casualty Company maintains a network of independent agents throughout the state.

Standard Casualty Company

Locations & Contacts

Standard Casualty Company is headquartered at:

2200 West Loop 280 West Fort Worth, TX 76113

The company also has regional offices in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

Phone: (888) 355-4810 Fax: (817) 332-6143 Email:

Filing a Claim with Standard Casualty Company

    1. By Phone:
      • Call the claims department at (888) 355-4810.
      • Prepare your policy number and a detailed incident description.
      • A claims representative will guide you through the process.
    2. Online:
      • Visit
      • Click on “File a Claim.”
      • Enter your policy number and date of birth.
      • Provide incident details and upload supporting documents.
      • Receive a confirmation email upon submission.
  • What to Expect After You File a Claim:
    • A claims representative will review and contact you for further discussion.
    • Prepare for possible requests for additional information or documentation.
    • Once the review is complete, a decision on your claim will be issued.
    • If approved, you will receive payment for covered losses.
  • Tips for Filing a Claim:
    • File promptly after the incident.
    • Offer detailed incident information.
    • Collect supporting documents like photos, receipts, or police reports.
    • Cooperate with the claims representative.
    • Respond promptly to any information requests.
  • Additional Resources:

Standard Casualty Company Financials:

  1. Introduction:
  2. Financial Affirmation by Demotech:
    • Demotech, a leading financial stability rating agency, awards SCC the coveted “A” (Exceptional) rating.
    • This rating underscores SCC’s exceptional ability to meet policyholder obligations and withstand financial challenges.
  3. Factors Underpinning Financial Soundness:
    • Strong Underwriting Profits:
      • SCC consistently generates underwriting profits, showcasing effective risk management and revenue generation.
    • Conservative Investment Portfolio:
      • SCC maintains a conservative investment portfolio, prioritizing stability over aggressive returns to shield against market fluctuations.
    • Favorable Balance Sheet Liquidity:
    • Financial Flexibility:
    • Positive Pre-Tax Operating Income:
      • Over the past five years, SCC consistently reports positive pre-tax operating income, affirming overall financial health.
    • Return to Underwriting Profit:
      • SCC returned to underwriting profit in 2013, showcasing effective underwriting risk management.
    • Improved Underwriting Results:
      • Recent years have seen SCC’s underwriting performance improve, further solidifying financial stability.
    • Favorable Net Investment Income:
      • SCC consistently generates favorable net investment income, contributing to overall profitability.
  4. Benefits for Policyholders:
    • Confidence in Policyholder Protection:
      • Policyholders can trust SCC’s financial resources to fulfill obligations in the event of a claim.
    • Competitive Premiums:
    • Commitment to Long-Term Stability:
      • SCC’s strong financial position ensures long-term stability, solidifying its status as a reliable insurance provider.

Standard Casualty Company Coverage

    1. Dwelling Coverage:
      • Also known as structural coverage, it shields your manufactured home against perils like fire, windstorms, hail, vandalism, and theft.
      • Provides financial resources for repairs or rebuilding in case of damage from covered events.
    2. Personal Property Coverage:
      • Safeguards belongings within your home, including furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, and valuables.
      • Assists in replacing damaged or stolen possessions, offering financial relief.
    3. Liability Coverage:
    4. Loss of Use Coverage:
      • Reimburses for additional living expenses if your home is uninhabitable due to a covered loss.
      • Covers costs like temporary housing, meals, and transportation during repairs or rebuilding.
    5. Flood Insurance:
      • Provides protection against financial losses caused by flooding, a common threat to manufactured homes.
      • Offered as an optional add-on to your manufactured home policy, as standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage.
  • Additional Coverage Options:
  • Comprehensive Protection:
    • Standard Casualty Company’s coverage options ensure comprehensive protection.
    • Carefully consider your needs and select appropriate endorsements.
    • Safeguard your investment in your home and enjoy peace of mind with the necessary financial protection in place.

Careers Opportunities:

  1. Equal Opportunity Employer:
    • Standard Casualty Company provides equal opportunity employment.
    • Offers diverse career opportunities in various fields.
  2. Career Fields:
    • Explore opportunities in:
      • Sales and Client Management
      • Claims
      • Underwriting
      • Retirement Plan Operations
      • Corporate Roles
      • Technology
      • Actuarial
      • Internships and Graduate Programs
  3. Information on Careers:
  4. Specific Career Highlights:
    • Claims Adjusters:
      • Investigate insurance claims and assess damage.
      • Collaborate with policyholders for recovery.
    • Insurance Underwriters:
    • Actuaries:
      • Use mathematical methods to assess risk.
      • Develop insurance products, working across industries like insurance, healthcare, and finance.
  5. Exploring Career Opportunities:

Standard Casualty Company Customer Service: 

  1. Coverage for Manufactured Homes:
  2. CSR Training and Expertise:
    • CSRs are trained on various topics related to manufactured home insurance.
    • They are well-versed in the company’s policies and procedures for accurate assistance.
  3. Commitment to Excellence:
  4. Available Services:
    • CSRs can:
  5. Resolution Process:
    • If dissatisfied with CSR service, contact a supervisor.
    • The supervisor will investigate complaints and take appropriate action.
  6. Continued Commitment:
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