Standard Guaranty Insurance Company(DE): Locations & Contacts, Claims, Financials, Coverage, Careers, Affiliates.

Standard Guaranty Insurance Company (SGIC), a prominent provider of financial guarantee insurance products and services, leads the industry.

Established in 1981, SGIC has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and operates additional offices in New York, Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco.

SGIC, with authorization to conduct business in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, exemplifies nationwide reach and influence

Standard Guaranty Insurance Company


SGIC has offices in the following locations:

  • Atlanta, Georgia (Headquarters)
  • New York, New York
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Miami, Florida
  • San Francisco, California


SGIC can be contacted at the following:

  • Phone: (770) 763-1000
  • Fax: (770) 763-1100
  • Website:

Standard Guaranty Insurance Company (SGIC) Claims & Recovery Process:

SGIC Claims Process:

  1. Initiating the Claim:
    • Report the loss immediately to SGIC’s claims department via phone at (770) 763-1200, fax at (770) 763-1100, or email at [email protected]
  2. Providing Information:
    • Have policy number, date of loss, and detailed damage or loss description ready.
  3. Collaborating with Adjuster:
    • A designated SGIC claims adjuster will assess the damage. Cooperate fully for a streamlined process.
  4. Document Submission:
    • Submit relevant documentation (receipts, repair estimates, medical records) to support the claim.
  5. Review and Settlement:

SGIC Recovery Options:

  • Depending on coverage and loss type, SGIC offers recovery options such as repair or replacement, medical expense reimbursement, compensation for lost wages, and additional benefits.

Tips for a Smooth Claims Process:

  1. Timely Reporting:
  2. Accuracy is Key:
    • Provide truthful and comprehensive details for accurate assessment and settlement.
  3. Documentation Management:
    • Maintain copies of relevant documentation, including policy documents and estimates.
  4. Effective Communication:
    • Stay in touch with your claims representative and respond promptly to inquiries.
  5. Clarification:
    • Discuss any questions or concerns regarding the claims process or settlement offer with your claims representative.

SGIC’s Commitment to Policyholders:

  • SGIC is dedicated to providing a positive claims experience.
  • Experienced claims representatives guide policyholders for a fair and prompt claim resolution.
  • Contact SGIC’s customer service team for assistance with any questions or concerns regarding the claims process.

Standard Guaranty Insurance Company (SGIC) Financials:


  • SGIC, a leading financial guarantee insurance company, specializes in providing insurance for debt securities like municipal bonds, structured finance products, and asset securitizations.

Financial Strength Indicators:

  1. Capital Adequacy:
    • SGIC maintains a robust capital position, exceeding the regulatory minimum.
    • The Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) is significantly above requirements, ensuring coverage for potential losses even in adverse market conditions.
  2. Reserve Adequacy:
  3. Profitability:
  4. Credit Ratings:

Competitive Advantage:

Standard Guaranty Insurance Company (SGIC) and Coverage:

Municipal Bond Insurance:


  1. Role in the Market:
    • SGIC’s municipal bond insurance enhances credit ratings, attracting a wider range of risk-averse investors.
    • Increased demand for municipal bonds reduces borrowing costs for issuers.
  2. Coverage Details:
    • Covers principal and interest payments, ensuring investors receive their full investment in case of issuer default.
    • Boosts investor confidence in municipal bonds as relatively low-risk and low-volatility investments.

Structured Finance Insurance:

  1. Purpose:
  2. Coverage Areas:
    • Covers credit risks of underlying assets, prepayment or default risks, and risks related to changes in interest rates or market conditions.
    • Enhances investor confidence in the creditworthiness of structured finance transactions.

Types of Coverage Offered:

  • SGIC provides various coverage options to meet specific needs:
    1. Wrap coverage: Full credit enhancement for the bond or transaction’s entire life.
    2. Partial wrap coverage: Credit enhancement for a portion, often for a limited period.
    3. Credit default swap (CDS) coverage: Protection through a contractual agreement.

Benefits of SGIC Coverage:

For Issuers:

  1. Lower Borrowing Costs:
    • Enhanced credit ratings result in lower interest rates and reduced borrowing costs.
  2. Broader Investor Base:
    • Attracts a wider pool of investors, including risk-averse ones.
  3. Enhanced Market Access:
    • Facilitates access to new markets and opportunities.

For Investors:

  1. Reduced Credit Risk:
    • Enhanced creditworthiness protects against the risk of default.
  2. Increased Investment Opportunities:
    • Broader access to a variety of debt instruments.
  3. Diversification of Portfolios:
    • Diversification through exposure to different issuers and asset classes.

Standard Guaranty Insurance Company (SGIC) Careers:

Commitment to Employees:

Career Opportunities:

  • Explore various opportunities across departments:
    1. Underwriting:
    2. Finance:
      • Manage financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting.
    3. Legal:
      • Provide legal counsel and support on various matters.
    4. Risk Management:
      • Identify, assess, and mitigate risks.
    5. Information Technology:
      • Develop, maintain, and support IT systems.
    6. Human Resources:
      • Recruit, hire, and develop SGIC’s workforce.

Exploring Opportunities:

Benefits of Working at SGIC:

  • Competitive salary and benefits package.
  • Opportunities for career development and training.
  • Diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Opportunity to work with experienced professionals in the financial industry.
  • Make a positive impact on the financial markets.

Career Path in Financial Services:

  • If seeking a challenging and rewarding career in the financial services industry, SGIC is an excellent starting point.

Standard Guaranty Insurance Company (SGIC) Affiliates:


Assurant, Inc.:

Standard Guaranty Limited:

Standard Guaranty Capital Corporation:

Affiliates’ Contributions:

  • Assurant, Inc.:
  • Standard Guaranty Limited:
    • Facilitates SGIC’s access to international markets.
  • Standard Guaranty Capital Corporation:
    • Offers financial resources supporting SGIC’s growth.

Impact on SGIC’s Success:

  • Affiliates play a crucial role in SGIC’s success, providing access to new markets, products, services, and financial resources.
  • This enables SGIC to offer a broader range of products and services, enhancing competitiveness in financial markets.

Strategic Collaboration:

  • SGIC’s affiliates complement and support its core business of financial guarantee insurance.
  • The collaboration allows SGIC to adapt to market dynamics, expanding its offerings and effectively competing in the financial sector.
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