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SureTec Insurance Company, a division of Markel Surety Corporation, is a well-known firm offering surety bonds to both businesses and individuals throughout the United States.

Since its inception in 1998, SureTec has become a reliable ally, acknowledged for its outstanding underwriting proficiency, steadfast dedication to customer contentment, and robust financial position.

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SureTec Insurance Company.


SureTec Insurance Company Contacts

SureTec Insurance Company

2103 City West Blvd.

Houston, TX 77042

Phone: 1-800-348-9993


SureTec Insurance Company Reviews

SureTec Insurance Company has built a robust reputation for delivering outstanding service to its clients.

The company boasts numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers.

A few testimonials include:

  • SureTec has proven to be a valuable partner for our business. Their responsiveness and assistance have been consistently excellent, aiding us in obtaining the necessary bonds to foster our business growth.” – John Smith, CEO of ABC Construction
  • For anyone seeking a dependable and trustworthy surety bond company, I wholeheartedly endorse SureTec. Their reliability is unmatched. – Jane Doe, CFO of XYZ Corporation

SureTec Insurance Company Products

SureTec Insurance Company provides a comprehensive range of surety bonds tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals across the United States.

The company’s expertise spans various industries, including construction, finance, government, and healthcare.

A detailed breakdown of the products and services offered by SureTec Insurance Company is as follows:

Contract Bonds

Contract bonds represent the most prevalent type of surety bond, serving to safeguard project owners from financial repercussions if a contractor fails to fulfill a project in accordance with the contractual terms.

These bonds typically encompass the expenses associated with completing the project and any damages arising from the contractor’s inability to fulfill their obligations.

Commercial Bonds

Commercial bonds function as a protective measure for businesses against various financial risks, including employee theft, embezzlement, or other dishonest acts.

Additionally, they serve to secure licenses and permits, ensuring compliance with court orders and other legal obligations.

Court Bonds

Court bonds are instrumental in safeguarding the interests of all parties involved in a legal proceeding.

They find application in securing bail, appeal bonds, or other obligations imposed by the court.

Fiduciary Bonds

Fiduciary bonds are employed to shield beneficiaries from financial losses in cases where a fiduciary, such as a trustee or executor, breaches their fiduciary duty.

These bonds also extend to securing court-appointed positions like guardian ad litem or receiver.

License and Permit Bonds

License and permit bonds play a crucial role in obtaining licenses and permits mandated by government agencies.

Their primary function is to guarantee that the licensee or permittee adheres to all relevant laws and regulations.

SureTec Company Ratings

SureTec has garnered recognition from industry-leading rating agencies for its financial strength and unwavering commitment to excellence. A.M. Best has assigned an “A” rating (Excellent), while Standard & Poor’s has bestowed an “A” rating, and Demotech has similarly accorded an “A” rating.

SureTec Company Claim

SureTec is dedicated to delivering swift and equitable resolution of claims for its clients.

The proficient claims team endeavors to thoroughly investigate and evaluate claims, guaranteeing that all stakeholders receive respectful and professional treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sure Tec’s financial strength rating?

SureTec’s financial strength rating is “A (Excellent)” as assigned by A.M. Best, a prominent credit rating agency specializing in the insurance industry.

The rating reflects the company’s robust balance sheet, consistent profitability, and adherence to conservative underwriting practices.

How can I get a quote for a surety bond from SureTec?

To obtain a quote for a surety bond from SureTec, individuals can contact them at 1-800-348-9993 or visit their website:

How does SureTec handle claims?

In handling claims, SureTec is dedicated to ensuring prompt and equitable resolution.

The company’s experienced claims team diligently investigates and assesses claims, prioritizing respectful and professional treatment for all involved parties.

How can I learn more about SureTec Insurance Company?

For more information about SureTec Insurance Company, interested parties can visit their website at or contact them directly at 1-800-348-9993.


SureTec Insurance Company stands as a trusted pillar in the surety industry, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to offering clients comprehensive bond solutions, prompt and fair claims resolution, and a level of service that consistently exceeds expectations.

Its financial strength, experienced team, and dedicated pursuit of excellence make it the ideal partner for businesses and individuals seeking expertise in surety bonds.

Those who choose to partner with SureTec embrace a relationship built on trust, confidence, and a shared commitment to success.


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