Surety Life Insurance Company, Nebraska (NE) : Overview, Contact Information, Coverage, Discounts, Ratings And Reviews

Surety Life Insurance Company, established in 1926, is a reliable choice for quality life insurance and annuity products at competitive rates.

The company demonstrates commitment to providing financial security by offering various coverage options.

Thus earning praise for excellent customer service, fast claims processing, and available discounts.

Surety Life Insurance Company
Surety Life Insurance Company : Photo(Investopedia)

Although an excellent option for affordable and flexible life insurance coverage, Surety Life limits its services to 49 states.

Surety Life Insurance Company Contact Information

Address: 2300 W Arbutus Dr, Denver, CO 81302, USA


Phone Number: 303-891-7938, 303-775-6021

Affiliated Companies:

Surety Life Insurance  operates as a subsidiary of Surety Holdings Inc.

Financial Standing

Surety Life Insurance boasts an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best.

Customer Satisfaction:

Surety Life  is renowned for outstanding customer service, backed by positive reviews and a minimal complaint record.

Claims Handling:

Surety Life ensures a swift and straightforward claims process, accepting claims via phone, online, or mail, with processing typically completed within days.

Mobile Accessibility:

They provide a user-friendly mobile app, empowering policyholders to manage policies, make premium payments, and access account details conveniently while on the move.

Surety Life Insurance Company Ratings & Reviews

A.M. Best Rating:A (Excellent)

Complaint Level:Low



  • Limited availability in 49 states only

Surety Life Insurance Company Coverage Options

The company caters to a variety of coverage needs with options like:

  • Term life insurance: Covers a specified period (10-30 years) with budget-friendly premiums.
  • Whole life insurance: Offers lifelong coverage with cash value accumulation, providing enhanced protection and financial security.
  • Universal life insurance: Allows lifelong coverage with flexible premiums for adjustment over time.
  • Annuities: Investment products ensuring regular payments to policyholders in exchange for lump-sum or regular premium payments, offering a steady income stream during retirement.

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Surety Life extends optional add-ons, known as riders, for additional coverage tailored to specific needs, such as critical illness or accidental death.

Note that coverage options may vary by state, and terms and conditions are subject to variation.

Consult with a Surety Life Insurance representative for comprehensive details.

Surety Life Insurance Company Discounts

The company presents various discounts to optimize savings on life insurance premiums.

These include:

  • Multi-policy discount: Save up to 20% by bundling multiple policies like auto and home insurance with Surety Life Insurance Company.
  • Non-smoker discount: Enjoy a reduced premium rate if you are a non-smoker.
  • Healthy lifestyle discount: Maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you may qualify for a lower premium rate.
  • Safe driving discount: A clean driving record can make you eligible for a lower premium rate.
  • Group discount: Membership in qualifying groups or organizations may grant you a group discount.
  • Preferred customer discount: Meeting specific criteria, such as a high credit score or excellent health, may make you eligible for a preferred customer discount.

Remember that not all discounts are available in every state, and eligibility criteria may vary.


Connect with a Surety Life representative for personalized information on available coverage options, discounts and requirements for claims processing.


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