The unknown facts about driving without Insurance in Indiana

Driving in Indiana without the mandated car insurance can lead to severe consequences.

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) may suspend your driving privileges for up to a year.

Additionally, reinstating your license could cost you between $250 and $1,000, and you might need to submit an SR-22 certificate for as long as five years.

Offense Fine and Fee Driving Privilege Penalty Other
First Offense $250 reinstatement Driver’s license suspended for at least 90 days SR-22 certificate for 180 days
Second Offense $500 reinstatement Driver’s license and registration suspended for one year SR-22 certificate for three years
Third and Subsequent Offenses $1,000 reinstatement Driver’s license and registration suspended for one year SR-22 certificate for five years


Penalties for driving without insurance

Drivers in Indiana are required to carry liability auto insurance with a minimum coverage of 25/50/25.

After an accident or traffic violation, evidence of this coverage should be submitted to the state via a certificate of compliance (COC).

If asked for a COC, your Indiana insurance provider is responsible for presenting the certificate to confirm you are adequately insured.

Should you fail to provide the COC within 90 days of the request, your driving rights will be on hold until the certificate is furnished.

Once your insurance company submits the COC confirming that the vehicle was insured, the suspension can be lifted from your record.

Car accident illustration
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Not maintaining the necessary insurance coverage can lead to a year-long suspension of both your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

A conviction for driving uninsured comes with reinstatement fees ranging from $250 to $1,000, contingent on past violations.

Additionally, you may need to submit an SR-22 certificate for a duration of up to five years.

Penalties for first offense

If you don’t show insurance papers when police ask, like during a traffic stop or after a car crash, you could lose your right to drive.

The first time this happens, you won’t be allowed to drive for at least 90 days and will need to pay $250 to get your license back.

If caught driving without insurance, you will have to carry a special paper called an SR-22 for 180 days.

Penalties for second offense

If you get caught again within five years of the first time, you won’t be allowed to drive for one year and you’ll have to pay $500 to get your license back.

Your car’s registration might also be stopped for one year.

If caught without insurance again, you’ll need to carry the special SR-22 paper for three years.

Penalties for third and subsequent offenses

If you’re caught a third time within five years, you can’t drive for one year and will need to pay $1,000 to get your license back.

Your car registration might be stopped for one year too.

If you’re caught without insurance a third time, you’ll need the special SR-22 paper for five years.


What if you provide false insurance information?

In Indiana, it’s illegal to give fake insurance details. Whether you have insurance or not, lying about it can get you in big trouble.

Giving wrong insurance info is a serious offense.

You could go to jail for up to one year and might have to pay a fine of up to $5,000.

How much is car insurance in Indiana?

In Indiana, car insurance is pretty cheap. Full car insurance costs about $1,295 a year, and basic coverage is $327 a year.

This is cheaper than the US average, which is $2,014 for full coverage and $622 for basic coverage each year.

But remember, the price can change based on the driver and their situation.

Since companies look at things differently, it’s good to check prices from different places for the same coverage.

If you’re unsure, talk to a licensed insurance person to help you choose the best plan.

Can you get away with driving without insurance?

Driving without insurance is generally a bad idea.

The small amount you might save on insurance fees isn’t worth the big risks and costs if you get a ticket or, even worse, have a big accident.



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