Tier One Insurance Company(Nevada); Profile, Contacts, Claims, Services, Ratings, & Benefits

Tier One Insurance Company is an insurance agency that works independently. They connect with top-rated insurance companies to offer a range of affordable insurance products. 

Tier One Insurance Company

Their main aim is to save clients money and help them find the best insurance rates. They prefer being an independent agency because it lets them guide clients on the right coverage and avoid potential problems.

History of Tier One Insurance Company

There’s not much info on Tier One Insurance’s past. It seems they might have begun as BLC National Insurance Company in 1986, then became Fidelity Life Insurance Company in 2009, and finally Tier One Life Insurance Company in 2018.

Mission and Values

Tier One Insurance’s mission is to offer clients great insurance at the best prices. They focus on values like:

  • Integrity: Always doing what’s right, even when it’s hard.
  • Client Focus: Giving clients exceptional service is their priority.
  • Teamwork: Believing that working together brings success.
  • Innovation: Always looking for new ways to make their products and services better.
  • Community Involvement: Committed to supporting the communities they serve.

Contact Information of Tier One Insurance Company

Address 11775 W 112th St Ste 201, Overland Park, KS, United States, 66210
Mobile +1 913-661-2400
Website tieroneinsurance.com/contact/

Tier One Insurance Company Services and Products

Tier One Insurance provides a wide range of insurance products and services for people and businesses. They focus on offering competitive rates, thorough coverage, and great customer service.

Personal Insurance

  • Auto Insurance: Get different auto insurance options like liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Enjoy discounts for good drivers, multiple vehicles, and combining auto and home insurance.
  • Homeowners Insurance: Protect your home, belongings, and personal liability with Tier One’s comprehensive homeowners insurance. They also provide optional coverages, such as earthquake and flood insurance.
  • Renters Insurance: For renters, Tier One offers insurance to protect your belongings and personal liability, safeguarding against damage or theft.
  • Life Insurance: Explore various life insurance options, including term life, whole life, and universal life. Tier One helps you find the right policy that suits your needs and budget.
  • Other Personal Insurance: Tier One also provides various other personal insurance products, like boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, and RV insurance.

Business Insurance

  • Commercial property insurance: Safeguard your business property, including buildings, equipment, and inventory, with Tier One’s commercial property insurance. Optional coverages include business interruption insurance and equipment breakdown insurance.
  • General Liability Insurance: Protect your business from lawsuits due to injuries or property damage with Tier One’s general liability insurance.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Get benefits for employees injured on the job with Tier One’s workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Other Business Insurance: Tier One offers various other business insurance products, such as professional liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, and cyber liability insurance.

Tier One Insurance Company


Tier One Insurance gets different ratings from various agencies and review sites. Let’s break it down:

  • A.M. Best: A.M. Best gives Tier One an A- (Excellent) rating for financial strength, showing they can meet their promises to policyholders well.
  • Standard & Poor’s: Tier One has a BBB+ rating from Standard & Poor’s, which is good.
  • Moody’s: Moody’s gives Tier One an A3 rating, meaning they have an okay ability to meet policyholder promises.
  • Consumer Reports: Tier One gets 4 out of 5 stars from Consumer Reports for making customers happy.
  • J.D. Power: In J.D. Power’s study, Tier One is better than average in making auto insurance customers satisfied.

Reviews Tier One Insurance Company

Tier One Insurance gets a mix of good and bad reviews online. People like them for:

  • Having good prices
  • Offering a lot of coverage options
  • Quickly handling claims
  • Having friendly and helpful customer service

But some people also don’t like them for:

  • Trouble filing claims
  • Slow claims processing
  • Customer service not being helpful
  • High prices for some coverage types


Tier One Insurance gets a fair number of complaints from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The common issues include:

  • Claims getting denied
  • Delays in processing claims
  • Bad customer service
  • Billing mistakes
  • Charging unfair prices


Tier One Insurance does well in solving complaints. According to the NAIC, they fixed 92% of complaints in 2021 in a way that customers liked.

Tier One Insurance Company

Filing a Claim with Tier One Insurance Company

Here’s how you file a claim with Tier One Insurance:

1. Report the Incident

Right away, tell Tier One Insurance about what happened. Contact them as soon as you can. This helps speed up the claim process.

Gather Information

Get ready to share:

  • Your policy number
  • When, where, and what happened
  • Names and contacts of witnesses
  • A police report if there is one
2. File Your Claim

You can file your claim in different ways:

  • Online: Use the Tier One Insurance website. Make an account or log in to your existing one.
  • Phone: Call the Tier One Insurance claims hotline (find it on your policy or their website).
  • In Person: Go to a local Tier One Insurance office.
3. Submit Documents

Show proof for your claim:

Keep Copies:

Make copies of all the papers you give.

4. Talk to Your Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster will handle your case. They will talk to you and gather more info.


Work with your claims adjuster and answer quickly.

Ask Questions:

If you have questions about the claim process, ask!

5. Get Your Settlement

After your claim is done, you’ll get an offer.


Look at the offer.

Accept or Reject:

You can say yes or no to the offer. If you say yes, you get paid with a check or direct deposit.


If you don’t like the offer, talk with your claims adjuster to see if you can agree on something better.

Cancelling Your Tier One Insurance Company Policy

1. Reasons for cancellation:

There are a few reasons you might need to cancel your Tier One Insurance policy:

  • Switching to another provider: You found a better rate or coverage elsewhere.
  • Selling your item: If you sold your vehicle or property, you don’t need coverage anymore.
  • Moving to a new place: Your current policy might not work in your new location.
  • Personal changes: Things like losing your job, retiring, or changes in your marital status.

2. Cancellation process:

To cancel, follow these steps:

  • Contact Tier One Insurance through phone, mail, or online.
  • Give written notice, and the notice time depends on your policy and state.
  • Pay any remaining premiums up to the cancellation date.
  • Return your insurance card to Tier One Insurance.

3. Cancellation fees:

There might be fees for canceling early, depending on your policy and how much time is left.

Renewing Your Tier One Insurance Policy

1. Renewal process:

Tier One Insurance will automatically renew your policy unless you say otherwise. You’ll get a renewal notice before your current policy ends.

  • Review your coverage to make sure it still fits your needs.
  • Compare rates from other providers to see if you can get a better deal.
  • If you’re happy with your coverage, pay the renewal premium to keep your policy.

2. Making changes:

If you need to make changes, contact Tier One Insurance before your policy renews. Common changes include:

  • Adding or removing drivers
  • Changing coverage limits
  • Adding or removing vehicles or properties
  • Updating your address

3. Non-renewal:

Tier One Insurance might decide not to renew your policy for reasons like:

  • Filing many claims
  • Having lots of accidents or violations
  • Not paying premiums
  • Giving false information on your application

Benefits of Choosing Tier One Insurance Company

When you join Tier One Insurance, you get lots of advantages. Here are some key benefits:

1. Competitive Rates:

Tier One Insurance offers great prices for their insurance products. They manage this by running things efficiently and having a strong financial foundation.

2. Comprehensive Coverage Options:

You can pick from a wide variety of insurance products and services. They cover personal stuff, business needs, and extra services like managing risks and preventing losses.

3. Excellent Customer Service:

Tier One Insurance is serious about giving you the best service. They have a team of smart and helpful folks ready to answer your questions and assist with your insurance stuff.

4. Financial Strength:

Tier One Insurance is a financially strong company. Top agencies like A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s give them great ratings. This means you can trust them to handle big claims without a problem.

Tier One Insurance Company FAQs:

1. How do I file a claim with Tier One Insurance?

Answer: You can file a claim online, by phone, or in person. Visit the Tier One website or your policy documents for specific contact information and instructions.

2. What discounts does Tier One Insurance offer?

Answer: Tier One offers various discounts, including multi-policy, good driver, senior, and student discounts. Eligibility and specific amounts may vary.

3. How do I cancel my Tier One Insurance policy?

Answer: Contact Tier One by phone, mail, or online to cancel your policy. Be sure to provide written notice and pay any outstanding premiums. Cancellation fees may apply.

4. How do I renew my Tier One Insurance policy?

Answer: Tier One will automatically renew your policy unless notified otherwise. You can review your renewal details and make changes before the renewal date.

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