Top 5 Best Youth Sports Team Insurance You Need To Know

What are the best youth sports team insurance options?

Youth sports organizations worldwide bring joy and excitement to communities.

Sports participation benefits youths, while parents, fans, and coaches contribute to their growth.

Best Youth Sports Team Insurance
Best Youth Sports Team Insurance

Although the aim is fun and development, there’s always a risk of injury, especially in high-impact sports like football or hockey.

Additionally, property damage could result from incidents such as a stray homer colliding with a car or spectator.

An infographic on the Best Youth Sports Team Insurance

Why is youth sports team insurance important?

Youth sports insurance is crucial in covering any damages that may occur during sporting events.

Competitive sports offer numerous benefits, and having insurance coverage is among them.

Youth sports organizations recognize the importance of comprehensive insurance coverage, adapting to changing sports landscapes.

Besides injuries during events, certain liabilities can endanger youth sports organizations, emphasizing the need for insurance.

Sports organizations often need insurance to access fields, facilities, and venues.

Prioritizing safety and preparedness is crucial.

Our article offers a detailed guide to youth sports insurance, covering different coverages and presenting top insurance companies for informed decisions.

What are the main types of youth sports team insurance?

‍Becoming familiar with the youth sports liability insurance coverages that are available is the best way to manage the risk of property damage and injuries to players, staff members, or spectators, which can be costly.

‍1.General liability insurance

Youth sports organizations or teams face potential lawsuits every day for property damage and injuries occurring during games or practices.

Events like after-parties or celebrations can also lead to such lawsuits.

This type of insurance policy covers claims related to bodily injury or property damage suffered by a player or spectator due to neglect by a sports organization or team.

Typically, this policy provides an attorney and covers the costs of potential settlements or unfavorable jury verdicts.

Coverage usually extends to officers, directors, employees, and volunteers.

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2.Accident insurance ‍

Recent data indicates that 25% of children lack any form of medical insurance.

Accident insurance reduces the risk of lawsuits by paying for medical bills incurred by teen athletes or participants.

Having accident insurance is crucial, as without it, lawyers may seek direct payment from youth sports organizations, which can harm their reputation and finances.

3.Directors and officers liability insurance ‍

Similar to general liability insurance, this policy protects against claims of mismanagement by a youth sports organization resulting in economic harm or violations of state, federal, or constitutional law.

Covered lawsuits may include :

  • violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • wrongful termination
  • discrimination
  •  failure to follow the organization’s rules.

Like general liability insurance, this policy provides legal representation and covers settlement costs if the jury rules unfavorably.

Coverage extends to the organization as a whole, including directors, officers, and employees.

‍4.Crime insurance ‍

Crime insurance mitigates the risk of embezzlement by employees or volunteers, as well as forgery or theft of money or property by external parties.

This coverage also protects against burglary or theft of important documents.

Are there other youth sports insurance policies to consider?

To find the right youth sports insurance options, consider the needs of your team, league, or school.

Other insurance policies may be necessary for your youth sports organization or team, depending on factors such as travel frequency, commercial property use, and equipment conditions.

Liability insurance policies may occasionally overlook these aspects, leaving you with unexpected costs.

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1.Workers’ compensation insurance

Most states in the U.S. require this type of insurance coverage.

Even in states where it’s not mandatory, having it ensures that your employees and players feel cared for and valued.

Workers’ compensation insurance pays for lost wages, medical expenses, and rehabilitation if needed due to job-related injuries, reducing the time an employee spends away from work.

2.Commercial property insurance

If your organization or team operates on a larger scale and owns or rents facilities for play and practice, commercial property insurance can be highly beneficial.

This policy covers damages from natural disasters, vandalism, theft, and fire.

However, coverage for natural disasters varies among insurance companies, with many not including floods or earthquakes.

3.Commercial auto insurance ‍

Commercial auto insurance is essential if your sports teams use vehicles for travel to events, games, or equipment transport.

This policy covers injuries caused by a commercial vehicle and provides repair or replacement services for damages due to collision, theft, or vandalism.

4.Equipment insurance

Equipment insurance protects a wide range of gear, uniforms, balls, scoreboards, sheds, and more that your youth sports team may own or lease.

This insurance covers theft or damage, and while it may be bundled with property or auto insurance, it often requires separate purchase.

5.Sports fee insurance

This overlooked insurance coverage can be beneficial in cases of high injury rates or financial difficulties among parents.

It covers outstanding fees if parents cannot pay, offering financial protection to the organization.

Top 5 Best Youth Sports Team Insurance

1.The Hartford ‍

The Hartford offers various insurance options, including youth sports insurance.

They specialize in accident and medical expenses coverage, extending their policies to coaches, players, umpires, and referees across a wide range of sports like soccer and baseball.

For quotes, contacting your local Hartford insurance agent is recommended.

2.Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance

Sadler provides insurance coverage for nearly all youth sports and aspects of youth sports organizations.

They offer both custom and generic programs, providing instant online quotes within 30 seconds on their website.

Their policies cover accident, general liability, property, and equipment, boasting quality protection at competitive prices.

3.Pomi ‍

Based in Virginia, Pomi specializes in accident and general liability insurance for various sports, including cheer squads.

Their coverage extends to athletes, coaches, fans, and volunteers during travel, practices, and games.

Quick quotes and claim filing are available on their website.

4.Westpoint Insurance ‍

Servicing the entire United States for over 35 years, Westpoint Insurance is renowned for affordable youth sports facility insurance.

They offer policies for popular youth sports, martial arts, dance studios, and triathlons.

Specializing in teams, organizations, gyms, and facilities, they provide quotes and agent contact through their website.

5.Esports Insurance

Operating for over 20 years, Esports Insurance covers a wide range of youth sports, including archery and bowling.

Their policies encompass organizations, teams, leagues, and facilities, offering various coverage options such as general liability, accident insurance, directors and officers, sports equipment, and crime insurance.

Their general liability plan features a $1,000,000 per-occurrence limit, considered above average.

Wrapping Up

Youth sports provide inclusive and exciting activities for communities, but with ownership and operation come responsibilities and risks.

Understanding the fundamentals of youth sports insurance and selecting the right coverage for your organization is crucial for mitigating risks effectively.


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