Top 7 Best Car Insurance For Married Couples

Which is the best car insurance for married couples?

Married drivers typically pay an average of $116 per month for car insurance.

Top 7 Best Car Insurance For Married Couples
Top 7 Best Car Insurance For Married Couples

Getting married can result in savings of about $8 per month on auto insurance, totaling $96 per year.

Let’s examine some of the most affordable car insurance providers for married couples and other important factors to consider when comparing insurance quotes.

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Best Car Insurance companies for married couples

The cost of car insurance is influenced by various factors, including the insurance company you select.

According to The Zebra’s survey of insurance rates across numerous ZIP codes in the U.S., USAA and State Farm offer the lowest insurance rates for married drivers.

Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium Avg. Monthly Premium
USAA $619 $103
State Farm $652 $109
GEICO $772 $129
Progressive $781 $130
Nationwide $847 $141
Farmers $1,002 $167
Allstate $1,219 $203


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Tips and Information on Car Insurance for Newlyweds

After the excitement of tying the knot fades, many aspects of married life can become overwhelming, including your car insurance.

Most car insurance companies typically mandate that married couples include their spouse on the policy, regardless of their eligibility as a driver.

In our exploration of car insurance for newlyweds, we’ll delve into what this entails for you and other ways to save.

Joint Policy with Your Spouse

Consider opting for a joint car insurance policy with your spouse.

There are several benefits to pooling your insurance:

Finding Discounts for Married Couples

Adding your partner and their vehicle to your insurance policy often makes you eligible for a multi-car discount.

This discount is offered due to the increased revenue for the insurance company by insuring multiple vehicles.

This boost in revenue can lead to a reduction in your premium.

Additionally, changing your marital status from “single” to “married” can result in a yearly decrease of $96 in your insurance rate.

Insurance companies perceive married individuals as more stable drivers who are likely to share driving responsibilities, potentially leading to fewer claims payouts.

Marital Status Avg. 6 Mo. Premium Avg. Monthly Premium
Married $823 $137
Widowed $849 $141
Divorced $901 $150
Single $903 $150


Simplify Your Insurance Situation

Adding your spouse to your policy may seem like a hassle, but it’s actually simpler than you might expect.

If you and your spouse live together and have separate policies, your respective insurance companies will likely require you to either add or completely exclude your spouse from your policy.

This requirement exists because insurance companies perceive the likelihood of roommates — married or not — sharing vehicles as high risk.

In the latter scenario, the insurance company does not cover any damages they cause.

If you and your spouse opt to maintain separate policies, you risk coverage in the event of an accident if you use each other’s vehicles.

Additionally, dealing with one joint bill for one policy is certainly easier and more convenient.

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When to Keep Your Car Insurance Policy Separate from Your Spouse’s

Surprisingly, merging your car insurance policy with your partner’s doesn’t always make sense.

Here are three circumstances in which it’s worth reconsidering adding your spouse to your policy:

  • If your partner has a poor driving record: Adding yourself to their policy can lower their risk level by association, potentially reducing their premium but increasing yours.
  • If your spouse has a low credit score: Having a low credit score can significantly impact your premium. To avoid this, ensure that only your credit report is used by being the sole named insured on the policy.
  • If your partner drives an expensive car: The difference in premiums between vehicles like a Toyota and a Tesla can be significant. If you’re concerned about covering the cost of insuring an expensive car, consider maintaining separate policies.

Additional Ways to Save on Insurance after Marriage

The following advice isn’t tailored specifically to newlyweds but can be useful nonetheless.

Unlike your home, your car depreciates over time.

You may no longer need the collision and comprehensive coverage that was once necessary for your 2005 Corolla.

While state law doesn’t require it, high levels of coverage aim to replace or repair your vehicle after a covered claim.

Since collision and comprehensive coverages are optional and can be costly, the general rule of thumb in the insurance realm is to drop these coverages if your vehicle is valued at less than $4,000.

You can assess your vehicle’s value using Kelley Blue Book and NADA online.

Choose Your Coverage Carefully

Understand that you should only utilize car insurance coverage when the cost of repairs exceeds the potential premium increase.

Here’s how to determine this:

  • Obtain repair estimates after an accident.
  • Use The Zebra’s State of Insurance data to gauge the increase in your premium after an at-fault accident.
  • Compare the repair costs to the premium increase plus your deductible. If it’s cheaper to cover the costs out-of-pocket, opt for that route.

This applies solely to your vehicle in at-fault collision accidents.

In cases where you’ve damaged another driver’s vehicle, you may not have a choice.

Additionally, comprehensive claims typically have a lesser impact on your premium compared to collision claims, as they’re deemed beyond the driver’s control.

Utilize Discounts

Auto insurance discounts may seem trivial individually, but collectively, they can yield significant savings.

Some common discounts include:

  • Multi-policy discount
  • Good driver discount
  • Good student discount (ages 16-25)
  • Telematics programs
  • Payment by bank account
  • Paid in full discount
  • eSignature discounts
  • Paperless billing discount
  • Multi-vehicle discount

Compare Insurance Rates

You might be overpaying for car insurance simply because you’re with the wrong company.

The best approach to ensure you’re getting the most competitive rate is to explore offers from other insurance providers.

Is Car Insurance Different for Same-Sex Married Couples?

While the state level regulates insurance, the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges grants same-sex couples the legal right to marriage and its associated benefits.

Consequently, equal auto insurance rights and regulations apply to same-sex couples.

If you suspect discrimination in insurance pricing, contact your state’s Insurance Commissioner.

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