Top insurance brokerages for 2023: Celebrating Excellence in the Canadian Insurance Industry

Who are the top insurance brokerages for 2023?

Insurance Business Canada (IBC) proudly presents the highly anticipated unveiling of the “5-Star Brokerages 2023,” recognizing exceptional leaders in the insurance industry who have set new benchmarks in the province.

Insurance broker infographic
Insurance broker infographic

The awards are a testament to the outstanding achievements of brokerages that have solidified their positions as industry frontrunners.

Through a rigorous evaluation process, IBC identified this year’s winners by requesting eligible brokerages to provide essential details about their business performance during the years 2021 and 2022.

To be eligible for consideration, brokerages needed to have a team of three or more brokers.

Evaluating Excellence: The Criteria
Each brokerage underwent a thorough assessment based on eight crucial criteria:

1. Revenue
2. Revenue Growth
3. Revenue per Broker
4. Number of Clients
5. Number of New Clients
6. Client Growth
7. Policies Written
8. Policy Growth

The unique ranking system awarded brokerages based on their performance per broker, emphasizing quality over quantity.

This approach ensured that the most exceptional brokerages stood out, regardless of their size, as they demonstrated excellence in optimizing business per broker.

Announcing the Elite 5-Star Brokerages
Among the elite 5-Star Brokerages in Canada, some prominent names include:

1. Lake City Insurance
2. Westland Insurance

Discover the Winning Formula
Learn more about the winning brokerages and the distinctive qualities that set them apart from their competitors in the exclusive IBC 5-Star Brokerages – 2023 special report.

Delve into the strategies and practices that have propelled them to the pinnacle of success in the Canadian insurance landscape.

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