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Trumbull Insurance Company, a subsidiary of The Hartford, stands as a prominent supplier of fire and casualty insurance products tailored for both individuals and businesses.

Renowned for its unwavering dedication to customer service and an extensive selection of cost-effective coverage solutions, Trumbull Insurance has established itself as a dependable and reputable option for insurance protection.

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Trumbull Insurance Company.


Trumbull Insurance Company Contacts

One Hartford Plaza Hartford,

CT 06155-0001

Phone: 860-547-7677


Trumbull Insurance Company Products

Trumbull Insurance Company provides a diverse range of insurance solutions tailored for both individuals and businesses. Our offerings encompass:

1. Homeowners Insurance: Safeguard your residence and its belongings against various risks, such as fire, theft, and vandalism.

2. Auto Insurance: Ensure protection for your vehicle, covering damages or losses, while also offering liability coverage in the event of an accident.

3. Business Insurance: Shield your business from a spectrum of risks, including property damage, liability issues, and workers’ compensation concerns.

Trumbull Insurance Company Rates Breakdown

The pricing of Trumbull Insurance Company’s offerings is influenced by various factors such as the specific coverage required, your geographic location, and your unique risk profile.

Nevertheless, they are  recognized for their  competitive and favorable rates.

Trumbull Insurance Claim Process

File the claim:

Promptly get in touch with us  to initiate the claim process.

This can be done by reaching out to their customer service through a phone call, sending an email, or utilizing the online claims submission.

Supply necessary details:

Have all pertinent information ready for the claim, such as the incident’s date and time, location, and the extent of the damage or loss.

Allocate an adjuster:

They will designate an adjuster to handle your claim.

This professional will assess the information provided, inspect the incurred damage or loss, and determine the appropriate compensation amount.

Receive reimbursement:

Following the adjuster’s assessment and processing of your claim, you will receive payment for the covered damages or losses.

Trumbull Insurance Reviews

They are  widely recognized for their  outstanding customer service.

Numerous clients have commended the company for its prompt and streamlined claims procedure, the friendliness and assistance provided by its staff, and its competitive and cost-effective rates.


Trumbull Insurance Company stands out as a dependable and trustworthy source for fire and casualty insurance products.

With a diverse selection of cost-effective coverage options, the company is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service.

If you seek a reliable insurance provider, we are an excellent choice worth exploring.


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