United General Title Insurance Company, 24262 Broadway Avenue (IN): Customer Service Ratings, Coverage Options, Claims Information, Discounts Available, Contacts and Location

United General Title Insurance Company is a reputable provider of title insurance services, boasting a rich history of safeguarding property rights for its clients.

Their title insurance policies, encompassing owner’s, lender’s, and enhanced coverage, offer thorough protection against various property ownership risks, such as title defects, liens, and other potential claims

. Operating across numerous states in the United States, they extend various discounts to their clientele. United General has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from contented customers, who commend the company for its exceptional customer service, swift claims resolution, and all-encompassing coverage.

General Title Insurance Company
United General Title Insurance Company
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If you’re in the process of purchasing or refinancing a home, United General Title Insurance Company stands as a dependable choice to safeguard your investment.

What You Should Know About United General Title Insurance Company

Financial Ratings:

According to A.M. Best, United General Title Insurance Company holds an A- (Excellent) rating.

Customer Service Ratings:

United General Title Insurance Company enjoys high customer satisfaction, with numerous positive reviews applauding its exceptional customer service.

Claims Information:

United General Title Insurance Company is known for its swift and efficient claims resolution process, demonstrating a strong commitment to resolving claims promptly.

Coverage Options

Here are the coverage choices available from United General Title Insurance Company:

  1. Owner’s Title Insurance: Shields homebuyers from financial loss due to title issues, liens, or post-sale claims.
  2. Lender’s Title Insurance: Safeguards lenders from financial loss due to title defects or property liens.
  3. Enhanced Title Insurance: Offers extra coverage, including zoning and permit issues.
  4. Leasehold Title Insurance: Protects leasehold properties, like those in condos or co-op buildings.
  5. Commercial Title Insurance: Covers commercial properties, such as offices and retail spaces.
  6. Construction Loan Title Insurance: Safeguards lenders financing property construction.
  7. Escrow Services: Facilitates real estate transaction closures and manages sale funds as a neutral third-party.


Company Discounts Available

Here are the cost-saving opportunities provided by the Insurance Company:

  1. Bundle Discount: Save on your title insurance when combining it with other policies like homeowner’s or auto insurance.
  2. Refinance Savings: Lower your title insurance costs during mortgage refinancing.
  3. First-Time Homebuyer Discount: New homebuyers may qualify for a title insurance discount.
  4. Loyalty Reward: Long-standing customers may become eligible for a loyalty discount.
  5. Group Savings: Members of affiliated groups like professional organizations or alumni associations can enjoy group discounts.

 Ranks Among Providers

  • First American Title Insurance Company: First and foremost, one of the United States‘ leading title insurance providers, offering a diverse range of coverage choices and escrow services.
  • Old Republic National Title Insurance Company: In addition, this company provides title insurance, escrow services, and a variety of real estate-related products.
  • Fidelity National Title Insurance Company: Furthermore, it’s a major title insurance and escrow services provider in the United States, well-known for its emphasis on technology and innovation.
  • Chicago Title Insurance Company: Moreover, this company offers title insurance, escrow services, and real estate-related products and services both nationally and internationally.
  • Stewart Title Guaranty Company: Lastly, specializing in title insurance and related services for residential and commercial real estate transactions, with a focus on customer service and tailored solutions.

While these companies offer services similar to UGT Insurance Company, each possesses its own distinctive advantages and disadvantages. Customers should thoroughly assess each company’s coverage options, pricing, and customer support before making their choice.

Company reviews

The following assessment provides a concise overview of the pros and cons associated with the Company, highlighting its strengths in comprehensive coverage, positive customer feedback, and discount options, while also acknowledging potential drawbacks related to service costs and regional pricing variations.


  1. Provides extensive coverage for various property ownership risks.
  2. Earns favorable customer reviews for exceptional service and prompt claims resolution.
  3. Offers diverse customer discounts.


  1. Service costs fluctuate based on insurance type and location, potentially exceeding competitors in certain areas.


(720) 264-8700


NAIC: 50172

NAIC Group: N/A


Status: FSR affirmed 8/23/2023



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