US National Title Insurance Company(Mississippi); Overview, Contacts, Claims, Services, Ratings, and Benefits

US National Title Insurance Company (USNTI), is a specialized title insurance underwriter focused on providing coverage for government sales of land-banked and adjudicated properties.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, USNTI uses its expertise in title underwriting and advanced risk management tools, that offer comprehensive title insurance solutions for unique real estate transactions.

US National Title Insurance Company

History of US National Title Insurance Company

Established in 2012, USNTI was created by a group of experienced insurance professionals. They saw the need for a specialized underwriter to tackle the challenges of title insurance for government property sales.

These transactions often involve complex title histories, requiring a tailored approach.

USNTI’s mission is to provide effective and affordable title insurance solutions. For these underserved transactions by understanding the complexities of title issues in government property sales.

Mission and Values

USNTI’s mission is to offer innovative and reliable title insurance solutions, facilitating the smooth transfer of government-owned properties.

The company values customer focus, aiming to prioritize customer needs, provide personalized attention, and deliver exceptional service.

USNTI also emphasizes expertise and innovation, integrity and transparency in its practices, and a commitment to contributing to community revitalization through the transfer of government-owned properties and support for economic development initiatives.

Contact Details of US National Title Insurance Company

Category Information
Phone (888) 876-8426
Mailing Address US National Title Insurance Company
232 Market St, Suite 232
Flowood, MS 39232
Additional Locations US National Title Insurance Company
935 Gravier St, Suite 1700
New Orleans, LA 70112


Services and Products Offered by US National Title Insurance Company

USNTI offers various products and services to safeguard your real estate investment:

US National Title Insurance Company

Premium Costs

The cost of title insurance depends on your property’s value, where it is, and the type of policy. Generally, you’ll pay between 0.5% and 1% of your property’s purchase price.

Payment Options

USNTI gives you different ways to pay for title insurance:

  • Single Premium: Pay the full amount when you close on your property.
  • Split Premium: Pay half at closing and the other half after a year.
  • Annual Premium: Pay every year, which can be good if you have a mortgage.


USNTI gives discounts for various things:

  • Multiple Policies: If you get title insurance for many properties, you might get a discount.
  • Good Credit: If your credit is good, you could get a discount on your title insurance.
  • Prior Title Insurance: If you had title insurance before, you might get a discount on your new policy.

Promotional Offers

Sometimes, USNTI has special offers for title insurance, like discounts, no fees, or free closing services. Check their website or ask a USNTI agent for the latest deals.

Financial and Customer Ratings

USNTI gets a strong financial rating from A.M. Best, a top insurance rating agency. This means USNTI is financially strong and can meet its promises to customers.

On Google Reviews, USNTI has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, showing that most customers are happy with what the company offers.

Customer Reviews

People who use USNTI have good things to say. They like the experienced staff, how quickly they close deals, and their focus on helping customers.

Some happy customers say things like, “USNTI made closing on my property so easy,” or “They explained title insurance well, and I felt smart choosing them.


Sometimes, customers have complaints about things like slow claims, mistakes in title reports, or not-so-good communication. USNTI takes complaints seriously and works fast to fix them. They have a team just for customers, investigating problems and finding solutions.

Resolution Modules

USNTI has ways to solve complaints:

  • A customer service team that’s ready to help.
  • An escalation process to talk to higher management about problems.
  • A third-party mediation process for tricky complaints.

USNTI is serious about fixing complaints quickly and fairly. Their resolution modules make sure all problems get handled right.

US National Title Insurance Company

Benefits of Choosing US National Title Insurance Company for Clients

  • Financial Protection: USNTI’s title insurance safeguards you from financial losses due to property title defects, which can be costly to fix.
  • Peace of Mind: USNTI’s title insurance gives you peace of mind, especially if you’re buying property for the first time or have concerns about its title history.
  • Experienced Team: With a team of skilled title examiners and agents, USNTI guides you through the complex world of real estate title insurance.
  • Efficient Closing: USNTI’s swift closing process ensures a quick and easy property closing.
  • Customer Service Commitment: USNTI is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to its clients.

Benefits for Employees

  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits: USNTI offers its employees competitive pay and attractive benefits packages.
  • Opportunities for Growth: USNTI provides various chances for employee growth and advancement.
  • Training and Development: Committed to success, USNTI ensures its employees receive the training and development they need.
  • Positive Work Environment: USNTI fosters a positive and supportive work environment for its employees.
  • Making a Difference: USNTI employees can make a difference by helping people safeguard their property investments.


1. Q: What does USNTI specialize in?

  • A: USNTI specializes in providing title insurance, especially for government sales of land-banked and adjudicated properties.

2. Q: How much does title insurance from USNTI cost?

  • A: The cost varies but is generally between 0.5% and 1% of the property’s purchase price.

3. Q: What benefits do clients get from USNTI’s title insurance?

4. Q: What sets USNTI apart for employees?

  • A: USNTI offers competitive compensation, growth opportunities, extensive training, a positive work environment, and the chance to make a difference by protecting people’s property investments.


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