Vantage Risk Assurance Company, Delaware (DE) : Overview, Contacts, Ratings, Reviews, Coverage, Discounts & Claims

Vantage Risk Assurance Company stands out as a dependable insurance partner.

They deliver a varied range of coverage options to safeguard the well-being of its policyholders.

Their all-encompassing insurance portfolio spans auto, home, health, life, and business insurance.

Each meticulously crafted to address distinct risks and provide a sense of security.

Vantage Risk Assurance Company
Vantage Risk Assurance Company: Photo(Insurance Insider)

They are backed by a robust A.M. Best Rating of A (Excellent), a minimal complaint level, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Vantage Risk assures its clients of swift claims processing and round-the-clock customer support.

This esteemed insurer’s competitive edge lies in its financial stability, seamless claims processing, and appealing bundling discounts.

Vantage Risk Assurance Company Contacts

Business Address: 123 North Wacker Drive, Suite 1300, Chicago, IL 60606.

Phone Number: 833-552-1772



Vantage Risk Assurance Company Ratings & Reviews

Average monthly rate for safe drivers: $100

A.M. Best rating: A (Excellent)

Complaint level: Low


  1. Diverse coverage options
  2. Robust financial stability
  3. Streamlined claims process
  4. 24/7 customer support
  5. Appealing bundling discounts


  1. Limited coverage in specific regions
  2. Fewer online educational resources

Vantage Risk Assurance Company  Coverage Options

The company offers a broad spectrum of coverage options designed to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

These coverage options encompass:

  1. Auto Insurance: Shields your vehicle against a range of risks, including accidents, theft, and damage.
  2. Home Insurance: Safeguards your home and possessions from natural disasters, theft, and other perils.
  3. Health Insurance: Ensures you and your family have access to essential medical care and coverage.
  4. Life Insurance: Provides a variety of policies to secure your family’s financial future in the event of your passing.
  5. Business Insurance: Tailored solutions to protect your business from unforeseen setbacks and liabilities.

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Vantage Risk Assurance Company Discounts

Vantage Risk is dedicated to offering its customers cost-effective insurance solutions.

They provide several discounts to assist policyholders in saving on their premiums.

These discounts include:

  1. Bundling Discount: Save by bundling multiple insurance policies with Vantage Risk, such as auto and home insurance.
  2. Safe Driver Discount: Eligible for those with a clean driving record, this discount rewards safe driving habits.
  3. Good Student Discount: Students with strong academic performance may qualify for this discount.
  4. Multi-Vehicle Discount: Insure more than one vehicle with Vantage Risk and benefit from a multi-vehicle discount.
  5. Home Security Discount: Enhance your home security, and you may be eligible for discounts on your home insurance.
  6. Claims-Free Discount: If you haven’t filed a claim within a specified period, you could earn a claims-free discount.

These discounts make it more economical for policyholders to secure comprehensive coverage from Vantage Risk while still enjoying high-quality protection for their assets and loved ones.

Vantage Risk Assurance Company Claims Process

Efficient Claim Filing

Vantage Risk provides a streamlined claims process, offering customers multiple convenient options for filing claims.

Policyholders can submit a claim through the online portal, over the phone, or using the user-friendly mobile app.

The online and mobile app platforms ensure a hassle-free and efficient claims submission experience, allowing policyholders to report incidents and initiate the claims process with ease.

Swift Claim Processing Time

Demonstrating a commitment to prompt and efficient claims processing, Vantage Risk boasts an impressively quick average claim processing time.

This commitment ensures that policyholders receive the necessary support and compensation in a timely manner, contributing to an overall positive customer experience.

The company’s dedication to swift claim resolution enhances customer satisfaction.

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Positive Customer Feedback on Claims

Customer feedback on claim resolutions and payouts at Vantage Risk Assurance Company is overwhelmingly positive.

Policyholders commend the company for its fair and transparent approach to claim settlements.

Vantage Risk ensures that customers remain well-informed throughout the claims process, promoting satisfaction with the resolution and payouts.

This approach strengthens trust and satisfaction in the company’s insurance services.

Vantage Risk Assurance Company Digital and Technological Features

Mobile App Features and Functionality

Equipped with a variety of features, Vantage Risk Assurance Company’s mobile app is designed to elevate the overall customer experience.

The app enables policyholders to access policy details, initiate claims, upload supporting documents, and monitor claim status in real-time.

Additionally, it offers notifications and updates, ensuring customers stay informed and engaged with their insurance policies.

Online Account Management Capabilities

Vantage Risk Assurance provides a comprehensive online account management platform, allowing policyholders to effortlessly oversee their policies and accounts.

Through the online portal, customers can access and modify policy information, review coverage, make payments, and request policy changes.

This robust online account management system offers a high level of convenience and accessibility for policyholders.

Digital Tools and Resources

To assist customers in understanding their insurance coverage and making well-informed decisions, Vantage Risk Assurance offers an array of digital tools and resources.

These resources may encompass educational materials, calculators, FAQs, and informative blog posts.

By leveraging these digital tools and resources, the company empowers policyholders to navigate their insurance needs effectively and make informed choices.