Visitors Care Insurance Reviews: Is It Worth Buying?

Visitors Care Insurance
Infographic: Visitors Care Insurance


Traveling to the United States can quickly become frighteningly expensive if medical care is unexpectedly required.

Luckily for insurance care visitors care insuranceplans like Visitors Care exist specifically to curb crushing healthcare bills. This review outlines everything short-term guests need to know about Visitors Care when considering protection for Stateside travels.

We’ll highlight details ranging from covered expenses to network availability to customer service feedback.

I’ll also offer perspective on who Visitors Care plans best serve and precautions travelers with complex conditions may want to take.

My goal is to provide comprehensive facts so visitors can determine if Visitors Care offers a good fit or if further options should be explored before making a purchase.

By understanding the pros and cons, international guests can travel with confidence knowing they made informed choices should the worst occur.

Background of Visitors Care Insurance

Visitors Care offers temporary U.S. travel medical plans spanning 5 days to 365 days for non-resident foreign visitors.

Underwriter SiriusPoint Specialty Insurance Corporation earns an “Excellent” rating from A.M. Best for financial strength. Shoppers can tailor plans to needs and budgets with choices of deductibles and coverage caps.

As a fixed indemnity product, Visitors Care pays set dollar amounts based on services rather than actual medical expenses.

This structure controls costs but means out-of-pocket costs apply once benefits are exhausted.

For guests wanting basic protections during short-term stays without breaking the bank, Visitors Care plans provide an option worth considering.

Reading the fine print thoroughly helps set proper expectations before purchasing.

What are the pros and cons of visitor care insurance?

Like any insurance plan, Visitors Care has its pros and cons.

Here are some of the main pros and cons of this plan:

Pros and Cons of visitors Care Insurance
Pros and Cons of Visitor Care Insurance



How does Visitors Care Insurance operate?

Visitors Care utilizes a fixed indemnity model.

Once you meet the deductible, the plan pays set dollar amounts towards covered services from First Health PPO providers.

For instance, let’s say your $50,000 policy emergency room visit generates a $2,000 fee. Assuming you’ve paid a $50 deductible, Visitors Care would pay their standard $330 ER allowance.

You then must cover the remaining $1,670 out-of-pocket.

Other benefits include emergency evacuation up to the $50,000 policy maximum and $25,000 for common carrier accidental death or dismemberment.

You can visit any doctor or facility without referrals. However, without a PPO discount, you’ll generally need to pay upfront, file a claim, and get reimbursed later.

Visitors Care provides a cushion of cash benefits without fully covering U.S. medical costs. Understanding the limits allows you to plan wisely.

Supplementing with additional insurance or travel savings may be prudent for visitors wanting a financial safety net during their stay.

What Does Visitors Care Insurance Cover and Not Cover?

Here’s an infographic poster detailing the coverage and exclusions of visitor care insurance.

What Visitors Care Insurance includes in its coverage.

What Visitors Care Insurance includes in its coverage.
What Visitors Care Insurance includes in its coverage.


Visitor care insurance does not cover the following services and treatments:

What Visitors Care Insurance does not cover
What Visitors Care Insurance does not cover

Visitors Care Insurance Claim Process Review

To file a claim for visitor care insurance, you need to follow these steps:

How to file claim with Visitors care insurance
infographic illustrating how to file a claim with Visitors’ care insurance



Visitors Care Insurance Customers Review

Reviews of visitor care plans are polarized. On the positive side, some customers highlight the budget rates, COVID-19 inclusion, hassle-free claims, and helpful customer service.

Less satisfied visitors complain about skimpy coverage, high out-of-pocket costs, no PPO access, strict pre-certification rules, and claim denials for pre-existing conditions.

The tension seems to stem from a misunderstanding of what lean, limited-benefit policies can deliver compared to comprehensive medical insurance.

Guests simply seeking a basic package at a low cost may be happy with Visitors Care.

However, travelers with complex health needs often express dismay when expectations aren’t met.

Setting expectations upfront around restrictions and caps appears crucial to satisfaction.


Visitors Care Insurance offers international travelers basic U.S. medical coverage at a budget price point.

The fixed benefit plan pays out set amounts for covered treatments instead of reimbursing actual expenses.

Perks like COVID-19 protection, emergency evacuation, common carrier AD&D, and acute pre-existing coverage are included.

However, limitations exist to keep premiums low.

The lifetime policy maximum means no replenishing of funds each year. There is no PPO network discount access. Pre-certification rules must be followed. Exclusions leave out many services.

So while Visitors Care plugs gaps for temporary foreign guests, its capped payouts and restrictions may not suit those with complex medical needs.

Comparing plans is key to finding the right balance of affordability and coverage. The goal is to pick travel protection that gives you adequate peace of mind within your budget.

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