Walmart Car Insurance Reviews: Overview, Pros and Cons, Coverage details, Costs, Discounts and Customers Review

Walmart Car Insurance Reviews
Walmart Car Insurance Reviews | Insurance Guide 


Did you know that Walmart, renowned for its affordability and convenience, once ventured into the motor insurance realm for a short period?

Partnering with in 2014, Walmart aimed to provide a service aiding drivers in discovering optimal rates and coverage options from various underwriters.

Since its discontinuation in 2016, Walmart has not reentered the auto insurance market.

This prompts the question: is Walmart’s potential comeback worth anticipating?

And what characterized its motor insurance offerings?

In this article, we will assess Walmart’s car insurance based on criteria such as coverage options, costs, discounts, and customer feedback.

Walmart Car Insurance Overview

Walmart’s auto insurance service aided clients in contrasting and obtaining motor insurance strategies from various suppliers through, a licensed insurance agency.

Accessible online using Walmart’s website or at choose in-save kiosks, the assistance is maintained to preserve clients a median of $1,100 every year by presenting the most excellent offers from underwriters like:

  1. Progressive
  2. Esurance
  3. Safeco

Pros and Cons of Walmart Car Insurance


  • Convenience: Customers could handily shop for car insurance while grocery shopping or from home, administering policies and submitting claims online or through a mobile app.
  • Savings: The service helps customers save money by comparing rates and coverage options from multiple insurers.
  • Choice: Customers had access to a broad array of insurers and coverage options, including liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection, and more.


  • Limited Availability: Walmart car insurance was exclusively available in eight states.
  • Lack of Information: The service did not provide comprehensive information about pricing and coverage details, relying on or insurers.
  • Discontinuation: Walmart car insurance ceased in 2016, and no plans for its revival have been announced.

Is Walmart Car Insurance a good company?

Is Walmart Car Insurance a good company to purchase coverage from?

While Walmart’s auto insurance venture was short-lived, being in business from 2014-2016, some aspects suggest it may have provided a quality service:

  • Affordability: Walmart aims to offer low prices across all product categories. Through its partnership with, Walmart car insurance claimed to save customers an average of $1,100 per year on their policy by presenting competitive rate quotes from top insurers. This focus on affordability aligned with Walmart’s customer-centric business model.
  • Choice: Customers had access to many well-known car insurance carriers through the Walmart platform like Progressive, Esurance, and Safeco. This variety of options increased the chances of finding a suitable policy at the best available price point.
  • Convenience: Managing policies, claims, and comparing quotes could all be done online or via a mobile app, making the process efficient. Families could shop for insurance in the same places they fulfill other needs like groceries and household goods.

While the discontinued status of Walmart car insurance prevents a definitive verdict, initial offerings showed potential through affordability, choice, and convenience – key priorities for the retail giant’s customers.

Coverage Options Available Through Walmart Car Insurance

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, there are several auto insurance options available.

Taking the time to research your choices is an important first step toward finding suitable coverage for a price you can handle.

As one of America’s largest retailers, Walmart aims to offer bargains across the board. Their partnership with Esurance provides car insurance through Walmart to get you covered for less.

With access to multiple providers, Walmart wants to track down budget-conscious rates.

However, opting for the most affordable policy may not sufficiently shield your assets down the road should something occur.

Let’s break down the key coverage types provided through Walmart auto insurance and how they can help in different scenarios.

Keep in mind the right blend of protection depends on your unique situation like your driving history, credit score, and location.

Consulting an agent can assist you in determining what mixes best with your needs.

Liability Coverage

If you find yourself at fault in an accident, liability coverage pays for injuries to others or damage to their vehicles.

The minimum required amount varies by state but typically includes:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: Covers medical expenses for people injured in an accident you cause, up to the limits you choose (often split into two amounts – one for each person and a separate total).
  • Property Damage Liability: Pays for repairs to another driver’s car if an accident is your fault, up to the coverage amount selected.

Having sufficient liability limits is essential to cover potential lawsuits.

Opting for higher coverage, like 100/300/100 amounts, gives you stronger protection if serious injuries are involved. Go without it and your assets could be at risk.

Collision Coverage

When damage occurs to your vehicle in an accident, collision coverage takes care of repairs whether another motorist is at fault or not.

It even applies if you collide with an inanimate object off-road. This is important if the cost to fix your ride exceeds its current value.

The tradeoff is collision comes at a higher premium. Consider if you can afford repairs outright or have funds set aside.

Those leasing or still paying off a vehicle will especially want collision coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

Similar to collision, comprehensive insurance covers repairs to your vehicle.

However, it applies to non-collision incidents like falling debris, collisions with animals, flooding, fires, and more. Comprehensive is essential if certain perils specific to your area like hurricanes or hail are a concern.

Keep in mind that claims under either collision or comprehensive coverage result in increased rates down the line.

File too many and you may become “non-renewable” or forced onto high-risk plans. Drive carefully to prevent losses whenever possible.

Personal Injury Protection

Also called PIP or MedPay, this no-fault coverage pays medical costs and sometimes lost wages for you and passengers injured in an insured vehicle, no matter who is at fault.

PIP is mandatory in some no-fault states and optional in others.

It can provide peace of mind by covering expenses not covered by health insurance, up to the selected limits.

Full tort states that don’t mandate PIP still allow you to “sue for pain and suffering” in major injury incidents.


Comparing Costs with Walmart Car Insurance

When it comes to auto insurance, saving money is a top priority for many drivers.

With rising premiums across the industry, finding affordable coverage can feel like a challenge.

However, Walmart aims to make car insurance more budget-friendly with its partnership with several well-known insurers.

Let’s take a closer look at Walmart car insurance costs and see how they compare.

Premium Pricing Breakdown

One of the main draws of going through Walmart for auto insurance is their advertised average annual savings of $1,100.

While individual rates may vary, the table below provides a general overview of potential premium costs through Walmart’s insurance marketplace:

Insurance Provider Average 6-Month Premium
National General $375 – $550
Metromile $300 – $450
Safeco $450 – $600


Some key points about these premium price ranges:

  • National General and Metromile advertise themselves as more affordable options overall
  • Safeco tends to be moderately priced but also offers more coverage choices
  • Premiums assume good driving records and full coverage on a newer vehicle
  • Multiple drivers or violations on a record could increase the cost significantly
  • Discounts may apply for things like anti-theft devices, good student status, and safe driver programs

Additional Factors Impacting Cost

Beyond the basic insurance provider, other elements play a major role in determining your exact Walmart car insurance rate.

Having an understanding of how these are evaluated can help you maximize potential savings:

  • Driver age and experience – Younger or less experienced motorists see higher premiums to offset risk.
  • Location – Where you live matters due to regional claims data and rate regulations. Urban areas mean greater accident exposure.
  • Vehicle model/value – More expensive cars to insure cost more to cover in claims. Sportier models carry more risk.
  • Coverage limits/deductibles – Adjusting your liability limits and increasing deductibles lowers premium costs.

Discounts with Walmart Car Insurance

Shopping for cheaper car insurance can feel like a full-time job between comparing rates, and coverage levels, and finding the best deals.

But did you know that Walmart partners with major insurance carriers who offer a variety of discounts?

By taking advantage of these discounts, you could save hundreds when insuring your vehicles through Walmart.

Here are some of the top discounts to look out for:

  • Safe Driver Discount: Nothing makes insurers happier than drivers with clean records. If it’s been a few years since your last ticket or accident, you’ll likely qualify for a safe driver discount of 5-10% off your premium.
  • Good Student Discount: Whether you’re in high school getting straight As or studying hard in college, insurers reward academic achievement. Maintain at least a B average and you can save 10-25% as a good student.
  • Multi-Policy Discount: Bundling multiple policies like auto, home, and life insurance with the same company can result in a multi-policy discount of 5 to 15% rewards for your loyalty. This is one of the best discounts to combine, if possible.
  • Multi-Car Discount: Insure more than one vehicle on the same policy and you’ll see rates drop significantly. Save 10% for two cars and up to 25% for three or more vehicles with a multi-car discount.
  • Anti-Theft Device Discount: Investing in safety measures like alarms, immobilizers, or tracking devices on your vehicle earns a discount between 5-10% from insurers when installed. It’s a small price to pay for added security and savings.

Filing a Claim with Walmart Car Insurance

Filing a claim with Walmart car insurance is a straightforward process, offering customers multiple avenues to report incidents and navigate through the claims process.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  1. Guidance for Claims Processing:
    • Walmart car insurance channels customers either to or directly to the affiliated insurance providers for the seamless processing of claims.
  2. Online Claims Filing:
    • Customers have the convenience of filing claims digitally through’s user-friendly website or dedicated mobile application.
    • This online platform ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing policyholders to initiate and manage their claims with just a few clicks.
  3. Telephonic Claims Submission:
    • An alternative option involves customers calling their insurer’s toll-free number directly to report incidents and kickstart the claims process.
    • This telephone-based approach provides a personal touch for those who prefer direct communication, ensuring accessibility and prompt assistance.
  4. Commitment to Swift Processing:
    • Walmart car insurance emphasizes a commitment to swift claims processing, acknowledging the importance of expeditious resolution during challenging times.
  5. Varied Experiences Based on Insurer:
    • It’s important to note that the actual claims experience may vary based on the specific insurer associated with Walmart car insurance.
    • Different insurers may have distinct procedures, response times, and customer service standards, influencing the overall claims process.

Customer Reviews of Walmart Car Insurance

Customer reviews for Walmart car insurance were limited due to its brief availability in eight states.

Some customers praised the service for convenience and savings, while others criticized the lack of information and discontinuation.

Here are mixed sentiments that are evident in reviews:

Positive Customer Review

  1. Convenience and User-Friendly Interface:
    • The positive review emphasized the convenience provided by Walmart car insurance.
    • The user-friendly interface was commended for making the navigation process seamless.
  2. Savings and Efficient Rate Comparison:
    • The customer highlighted the potential for significant savings.
    • Efficient rate comparison was mentioned as a valuable feature of the service.
  3. Overall positive experience:
    • The review portrayed Walmart car insurance as a valuable resource for those seeking convenience and tangible financial benefits through an efficient rate comparison.

Negative Customer Review

  1. Lack of transparent information:
  2. Discontinuation of Service:
  3. Unexpected Fees:
    • Negative reviews raised concerns about unexpected fees.
    • This issue created a sense of being misled and contributed to the overall dissatisfaction.


In summary, Walmart’s past car insurance program brought convenience but depended on partnerships that ended. provides a strong alternative today.

Their agents efficiently shop multiple carriers. With quick online or phone submissions, options tailored to your needs appear.

Rather than waiting on Walmart, use now. Representatives clarify coverage from top insurers. Pricing reviews allow leisurely decisions.

Experts searching for all options may uncover savings. It’s reassuring to compare top-rated insurers in one place.

Call 1-800-888-8888 now to start receiving personalized quotes.

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