Wausau Business Insurance Company, Wisconsin: Overview, Basic Information, Discounts, Coverage Options And Competitors

Wausau Business Insurance Company is a dependable partner for businesses in different fields, offering various coverage options like general liability, commercial property, workers’ compensation, business interruption, and professional liability insurance.

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The Wausau Business Insurance Company, Wisconsin Your ultimate property insurer


Explore the services provided by Wausau Business Insurance Company, a well-respected insurance provider.

Wausau is known for tailoring its services, being financially stable, processing claims efficiently, and having a wide industry presence.

This makes them a preferred option for protecting businesses.

They provide discounts to assist clients in effectively managing insurance expenses. Wausau combines industry knowledge with personalized service, allowing businesses to prosper with confidence.


History and Founding Year

The company has a long history that goes back to the 1870s when farmers and businessmen in Wisconsin joined together to form town mutual insurance companies for protection from financial loss caused by fire.

Two of the earliest insurance companies in Wisconsin, Berlin Farmers (Wausau) Mutual and Stettin Mutual Fire, were established in 1875 and 1876.

In 1998, these companies merged to become Wausau-Stettin Mutual Insurance Company.

In January 2011, the company changed its name to Mutual of Wausau and became a complete domestic mutual insurance company.

CEO and Leadership Team

Galen Barnes is the current leader of the company, holding the positions of President and Chief Operating Officer.

Alongside, he works with a big competitive team that ensures the company meets its goals.

Basic Information

Basic Information
Phone Number (715) 842-06863
Address 2000 Westwood Dr Wausau, WI, 54401-78021
Customer Service Contact (715) 842-06863
Policy Details Various insurance policies
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 07:30–16:30

Services And Products

Wausau Business Insurance Company provides a variety of products that can be adjusted to suit your needs. These include:

  1. Homeowner Insurance
  2. Farm Insurance
  3. Mobile Home Insurance
  4. Dwelling Insurance
  5. Umbrella Program
  6. Commercial Insurance
  7. Inland Marine Insurance
  8. Business Owners Program

Coverage Options

Wausau Business Insurance Company knows that each business is unique, and they recognize the distinct insurance needs that come with it.

They provide a wide range of coverage options to provide customized protection for your specific industry and situation. Let’s take a closer look at the coverage choices they offer to keep your business safe:

  1. General Liability Insurance: This essential coverage protects your business from claims related to injuries, property damage, or personal harm. It’s a necessary safeguard against unexpected accidents.
  2. Commercial Property Insurance: Wausau’s property insurance shields your physical assets—like buildings, equipment, and inventory—from damage or loss caused by events such as fire, theft, or natural disasters.
  3. Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Designed to safeguard both your employees and your business, workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs and lost wages for employees injured on the job. It helps fulfill legal obligations and supports your team.
  4. Business Interruption Insurance: This coverage comes into play when a disaster disrupts your operations. It assists in covering ongoing expenses and lost income, enabling your business to recover smoothly without significant financial setbacks.
  5. Professional Liability Insurance: Tailored for businesses providing specialized services, this insurance protects against claims of negligence or errors. It’s crucial for professionals like doctors, lawyers, and consultants.

    Selecting the right coverage for your business is vital, and Wausau Business Insurance Company excels at creating solutions that match your needs.

    Their comprehensive range of coverage options lets you concentrate on growing your business, knowing that you’re protected and can move forward with peace of mind.


    Filing a Claim Made Easy (Online, Over the Phone, Mobile Apps)

    Wausau Business Insurance Company knows how important it is to make claiming hassle-free. They provide various easy ways for policyholders to file claims, making it simple for you. Whether you want to do it online, over the phone, or through their mobile app, Wausau aims to make it convenient for you.

    Quick Claim Processing Time

    Quickly handling claims is vital for businesses dealing with unexpected events. Wausau Business Insurance Company is known for processing claims efficiently. They are dedicated to swiftly assessing and processing claims to minimize disruptions to your business, so you can get back to normal operations.

    Customer Thoughts on Claim Resolutions and Payments

    Wausau cares about customer satisfaction. They value feedback from policyholders and work hard to ensure fair and satisfying claim resolutions and payments. The experiences and opinions of their customers are crucial in shaping their commitment to providing excellent service in handling claims.

    Online And Technological Features

    Mobile App Features and Easy Online Management

    Wausau Business Insurance Company has a simple mobile app to make your insurance experience better. The app lets you easily check your policy info, file claims, and access other important features right on your device. Explore the app’s functions to make handling your insurance even more convenient.

    Manage Your Account Online

    Wausau makes it easy for policyholders to access and control their insurance accounts online. This digital platform allows you to check policy details, make payments, and track the progress of claims, all from your computer or mobile device.

    Digital Tools and Help

    Wausau offers various digital tools and resources to help policyholders make informed decisions. Whether you need assistance understanding coverage options or insurance terms, their online resources are there to give you knowledge about your insurance choices.

    Available Discounts

    Wausau Business Insurance Company values its clients and aims to offer them not just thorough coverage but also chances to save money.

    Here are some discounts they provide to help businesses handle their insurance costs effectively:

    1. Multi-Policy Discount: Save a lot on premiums by combining different insurance policies, like general liability and property insurance.
    2. Claims-Free Discount: If your business rarely or never makes insurance claims, you could qualify for a discount, rewarding your commitment to safety.
    3. Safety Training Discount: Lower premiums by investing in employee safety training and risk management programs, showing your dedication to preventing workplace accidents.
    4. Loyalty Discount: Long-term clients can enjoy loyalty discounts, giving you reasons to stick with Wausau Business Insurance Company.
    5. Professional Association Discounts: If your business is part of a specific professional association or industry group, you might qualify for special discounts tailored to your profession.
    6. Security System Discount: Lower insurance costs by installing security systems and safety measures, reducing the risk of theft and damage to your business.
    7. Payment Options Discount: Some insurers offer discounts if you choose to pay your premiums yearly or through automatic payments.
    8. Good Credit Discount: Maintaining a strong credit history can lead to lower insurance rates, showing financial responsibility.
    9. Early Renewal Discount: Renew your policy well before it expires, and you might be eligible for an early renewal discount.

    It’s important to know that eligibility for these discounts may vary based on your business’s location, industry, and specific circumstances.

    For detailed information about the discounts available to you and how they can affect your insurance premiums, it’s best to contact their agent.

    Competitors And How The Company Ranks With Them

    Wausau Business Insurance Company is in a competitive insurance industry, facing off against various well-known insurers.

    The key competitors of Wausau Business Insurance Company may differ depending on where you are, the industry focus, and the specific insurance products offered.

    Here are some significant competitors in the market:

    1. The Hartford is a reputable insurance company with business insurance options tailored to different industries, similar to Wausau.
    2. Travelers: A large and respected insurance provider offering commercial insurance solutions, including property, liability, and workers’ compensation coverage. They are prominent in the business insurance sector.
    3. Chubb is a global insurance company with a strong emphasis on commercial insurance, including specialized coverage for high-net-worth individuals and businesses. Known for comprehensive policies and attentive customer service.
    4. Liberty Mutual is a major insurer providing various business insurance products. They offer customizable policies to meet specific business needs, akin to Wausau.
    5. CNA Financial is another insurance company specializing in commercial insurance, particularly in sectors like construction, healthcare, and professional services.
    6. Allianz is a global insurance and financial services company offering commercial insurance solutions worldwide, known for its international reach and diverse portfolio.
    7. Zurich Insurance Group is a multinational insurer with a broad spectrum of commercial insurance products, catering to businesses of all sizes and having a strong global presence.
    8. Nationwide: A well-known insurer offering a variety of business insurance products, with a focus on small to mid-sized businesses and personalized solutions.

    Businesses seeking insurance coverage should carefully assess these competitors, considering their offerings, pricing, and reputation. Comparing multiple providers and obtaining quotes is often the best way to find the right coverage at a competitive price.


    1. Is Wausau’s coverage suitable for small businesses?
    2. What industries does Wausau specialize in?
      • Answer: Wausau specializes in various industries; you can inquire about their specific focus areas.
    3. How fast is Wausau’s claim processing?
      • Answer: Wausau is known for processing claims quickly; the exact speed may vary, so feel free to ask for details.
    4. Can I trust Wausau’s financial stability?
      • Answer: Yes, Wausau has a reputation for financial stability, making it a trustworthy choice for insurance needs.
    5. How can I get a quote from Wausau Business Insurance Company?
    • Answer: You can request a quote from Wausau Business Insurance Company by reaching out to them.


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