Wellfleet New York Insurance Company: History, Contacts, Claims, Coverage details, Financial strength, Career, AM Best Reviews and Benefits

If you’re in search of an insurance company that focuses on serving customers with accident and health coverage while maintaining high standards of service and ethics, Wellfleet New York Insurance Company is worth your consideration.

Wellfleet New York Insurance Company
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This article provides valuable insights into the company’s profile, products, services, and customer feedback.

Wellfleet New York Insurance Company Profile

Name Wellfleet New York Insurance Company
Type Foreign for Profit
Incorporation Date May 27, 2016
Parent Company Wellfleet
AM Best Rating A+ (Superior)
Line of Business Accident and Health

The History of Wellfleet New York Insurance Company

Previously known as Consolidated Health Plans of New York, Inc., the company adopted the name Wellfleet New York Insurance Company in January 2019.

It is based in New York, New York, and operates as a subsidiary of Wellfleet Group, LLC, which is itself a subsidiary of Wellfleet, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

Wellfleet New York Insurance Company Contact Information and Operating Hours

For your convenience, here are the contact details and operating hours of Wellfleet New York Insurance Company:

  • Main Phone Number: (413) 733-4540
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 15369 Springfield, MA 01115-5369
  • Operating Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST; Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST
  • Customer Service Phone Number: (877) 657-5030
  • Customer Service Email: customerservice@wellfleetinsurance.com
  • Customer Service Fax: (413) 733-4612
  • Website: wellfleetinsurance.com
  • Customer Login: [wellfleetinsurance.com/login]

How to File a Claim with Wellfleet New York Insurance Company

Filing a claim with Wellfleet New York Insurance Company is a straightforward process:

Here are the steps You need to follow:

  1. Download and complete the relevant claim form from the website.
  2. Attach any necessary supporting documents, such as invoices, receipts, or medical records.
  3. Send the completed claim form and documents via mail: customerservice@wellfleetinsurance.com or fax: (413) 747-8418 to the provided address: PO Box 15769 Springfield, MA 01115-5769 or number: (413) 733-4612.
  4. Alternatively, you can submit your claim through the company’s website.
  5. You can check your claim’s status online or by calling the customer service number.

Contact Information for Filing a Claim with Wellfleet New York Insurance Company

Here are the contact details for filing a claim with Wellfleet New York Insurance Company:

  • Claim Phone Number: (877) 657-5030
  • Claim Address: PO Box 15369 Springfield, MA 01115-5369
  • Claim Email: customerservice@wellfleetinsurance.com
  • Claim Fax: (413) 733-4612
  • Claim Website: [wellfleetinsurance.com/claims]

Wellfleet New York Insurance Company Coverage details 

Wellfleet New York Insurance Company is all about making insurance easy for people.

Here are some of the coverage details for Wellfleet Group:

  • Student Health: If you’re a college student, you are covered. This insurance helps pay for doctor visits, prescriptions, mental health care, dental, vision, and more. It follows the rules of the Affordable Care Act and works with lots of doctors and pharmacies. You can also check your plan, claims, and ID cards online or with their mobile app.
  • Workplace Health: Employers can offer this to their workers. It helps with things like serious illnesses or accidents. It gives employees a hand when they face unexpected medical bills. Like the student health plan, it’s easy to access info online or with the mobile app.
  • Special Risk: This is for those out-of-the-ordinary accidents, like when you’re traveling abroad, or if you’re into sports. It helps with things like medical bills, getting back home, and more. You can adjust it to your needs, and it’s accepted by doctors and services around the world.
  • Pharmacy: If you’re a college student, they have a special plan just for you. It’s got student-friendly features like low costs for medicine, easy mail-order options, and access to a team of pharmacy experts. Plus, there’s a pharmacy savings card to help you save money.

Products and Services Offered by Wellfleet New York Insurance Company

Wellfleet Group caters to a diverse range of customer needs through its various products and services:

  • Wellfleet Student: Providing insurance solutions tailored to the college market, including Student Health, Accident, ICS, Stop Loss, and more.
  • Wellfleet Workplace: Offering Critical Illness, Accident, Hospital Indemnity, and Short Term Disability products to safeguard individuals from unforeseen expenses.
  • Wellfleet Special Risk: Covering Participant Accident scenarios, such as International Medical, K-12, Business Travel, and more.
  • Wellfleet Rx: Designed exclusively for college students, offering a specialized pharmacy solution.
  • Wellfleet Workers’ Compensation: Providing workers’ compensation insurance for small and medium-sized businesses.

Career Opportunities with Wellfleet New York Insurance Company

If you’re considering a career with Wellfleet New York Insurance Company, explore their job openings on their website.

You can submit your resume and cover letter either online or through regular mail.

The company offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. competitive compensation
  2. health and wellness packages
  3. retirement savings plans
  4. paid time off
  5. professional development
  6. recognition programs
  7. flexible work options
  8. an inclusive work environment.

Table of Financials Strength of Wellfleet Insurance

As I searched for a new auto insurance provider, I wanted to assess Wellfleet Insurance’s financial stability.

Here are some key financial metrics I uncovered:

Financial Detail Value Source
Financial Strength Rating A+ (Superior) AM Best
Risk Adjusted Capital Ratio #1 3.53 AM Best
Risk Adjusted Capital Ratio #2 1.80 AM Best
Loss Ratio 90.60% Weiss Ratings
Total Assets $137.81M Weiss Ratings
Capital $34.39M Weiss Ratings
Net Premiums $22.57M Weiss Ratings
Net Income -$3.15M Weiss Ratings
Premium to Surplus 69.80% Weiss Ratings
Reserve to Surplus 23.80% Weiss Ratings
Expense Ratio 24.00% Weiss Ratings
Combined Ratio 114.60% Weiss Ratings
Cash From Underwriting 84.10% Weiss Ratings
Net Premium Growth 12.60% Weiss Ratings
Principal Lines of Business Acc & health (73.9%), work comp (25.5%), other (0.6%) Weiss Ratings
Principal Investments Cash (46.8%), investment grade bonds (46.8%), other (6.4%) Weiss Ratings

AM Best Reviews of Wellfleet New York Insurance Company

AM Best, a credit rating agency, assesses the financial strength and performance of insurance companies.

Wellfleet Group holds an impressive AM Best rating of A+ (Superior), signifying its capability to fulfill its ongoing insurance commitments.

This rating reflects the company’s robust financial position, favorable performance, and its affiliation with Wellfleet, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

Line of Business of Wellfleet New York Insurance Company

Wellfleet Group specializes in accident and health insurance. This means they provide coverage for medical expenses, loss of income, and even loss of life due to accidents or illnesses. Their accident and health insurance offerings encompass the following:

Customer Reviews of Wellfleet New York Insurance Company

Customer reviews of Wellfleet Group are a mix of positive and negative experiences.

While some customers applaud the company’s excellent customer service, efficient claims processing, and diverse coverage options, others express concerns about high premiums, claims denials, and communication issues.

Here are a few examples of customer reviews from different sources:

“I’ve been with Wellfleet for over a year, and I’m very satisfied with their service. They are always helpful and responsive when I have questions or issues. They pay my claims quickly and accurately. They have a wide network of providers and pharmacies. I would recommend them to anyone looking for reliable and affordable student health insurance.”

Wellfleet is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. They denied my claim for a surgery that was medically necessary and pre-approved by them. They gave me different reasons every time I called them. They never returned my calls or emails. They made me go through a long and stressful appeal process. They are a scam and a rip-off. Stay away from them.”

Wellfleet has been a great insurance company for me and my family. We have the critical illness, accident, and hospital indemnity plans. They have saved us a lot of money and hassle when we had some unexpected medical events. They are easy to work with and pay the benefits promptly. They are a trustworthy and reputable company.”

Wellfleet is a terrible insurance company. They have high premiums and low benefits. They have a lot of hidden fees and exclusions. They have poor customer service and a complicated website. They are hard to reach and unresponsive. They are a waste of money and time. Do not buy their insurance.”

The Benefits of Joining Wellfleet New York Health Insurance

Here are the Pros and Cons of Joining Wellfleet New York Health Insurance:


  • Affordable premiums
  • Wide network of providers
  • Low deductibles and out-of-pocket costs
  • Preventive care coverage
  • Prescription drug coverage


  • Limited availability of plans
  • Some plans have high deductibles
  • Not all plans cover all types of care


What types of health insurance plans does Wellfleet New York offer?

  • They offer individual and family plans, short-term medical plans, dental and vision plans, and Medicare plans.

What are the benefits of Wellfleet New York health insurance?

  • Their health insurance plans provide affordable premiums, a wide network of providers, low deductibles, preventive care coverage, and prescription drug coverage.

How can I enroll in a Wellfleet New York health insurance plan?

  • You can enroll by calling Wellfleet New York, visiting their website, or working with an insurance agent.

What is Wellfleet New York’s customer service like?

  • Wellfleet New York is known for its strong customer service. They have a team of representatives to assist with your questions and claims.

What are the ratings of Wellfleet New York health insurance plans?

  • Their plans have received high ratings from independent agencies, such as a 4-star rating from CMS and a 3-star rating from NCQA.

Is Wellfleet New York a legitimate insurance company?

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