What Are The Best Dental Insurance Providers In Alabama?

Discover the best dental insurance options in Alabama, including Delta Dental, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Medicaid.

Compare plans with no waiting periods, low deductibles, and comprehensive coverage for preventive, basic, and major dental treatments.

Find the perfect dental insurance plan to suit your needs and budget in Alabama.

Best Dental Insurance In Alabama
Best Dental Insurance In Alabama

Top Dental Insurance Providers in Alabama

In light of the fact that three out of four dentists are planning to raise their fees this year, it’s crucial to explore options for financing your dental care.

An Infographic Detailing Best Dental Insurance In Alabama

Delta Dental Alabama

It offers a range of PPO plans, including an “Immediate Coverage” option.

Delta Dental of Alabama offers flexibility in choosing your dentist while providing potential cost savings for staying in-network.

Signing up for a new Delta Dental plan requires no inquiry into your past dental insurance history.

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Additionally, coverage can be maintained regardless of age.

Delta Dental Gold (PPO):

This plan offers a maximum benefit of $1,000 per year.

Preventive care is covered at increasing rates over three years, with a waiting period for fillings and longer waiting periods for certain treatments.

Delta Dental Platinum (PPO):

With a yearly limit of $1,500 per person, this plan covers preventive treatments comprehensively and provides partial coverage for major treatments after a waiting period.

Delta Dental Diamond (PPO):

This plan offers a yearly limit of $2,000 and features a nominal fee per appointment.

Orthodontic coverage includes a lifetime deductible.

Immediate Coverage Plan (PPO):

This plan eliminates waiting periods for most procedures, making it an attractive option for immediate treatment needs.

Humana Dental of Alabama

This insurance offers two PPO plans in Alabama, both providing full coverage for preventive in-network procedures without waiting periods or deductibles.

Humana Preventive Plus plan:

With a maximum yearly benefit of $1,000 per person, this plan features a nominal deductible and partial coverage for certain treatments after a waiting period.

Humana Loyalty Plus:

This plan incentivizes long-term membership with increasing benefits over time and no waiting period for covered treatments.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

BlueCross BlueShield offers affordable dental plans in Alabama with low deductibles and varying coverage percentages for different services.

Dental Blue

This plan features a low yearly deductible and partial coverage for major services after deductible.

Dental Blue Plus:

With an even lower deductible, this plan offers comprehensive coverage for basic services and partial coverage for major services.

Medicaid Dental Alabama

Medicaid offers dental coverage for individuals under 21 in Alabama, covering a range of procedures including checkups, fillings, and extractions.

Types of Dental Insurance Plans in Alabama


PPO plans offer more flexibility in choosing dentists, while DHMO plans are more affordable but have limitations on providers.

Other Options:

Dental discount plans provide discounted rates for dental treatments.

Individual dental insurance offers coverage outside of employer-sponsored plans.

Combining dental and vision insurance can save money and simplify coverage.

Health and dental insurance combinations may offer comprehensive coverage.

FSA and HSA plans can help cover dental expenses with tax-free funds.

Considerations for Choosing Dental Insurance in Alabama

Factors to consider include waiting periods, cost vs. coverage, and your anticipated dental care needs.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right dental insurance in Alabama requires careful consideration of various factors and reading the terms thoroughly to ensure the best value for your needs.

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