What To Do If Insurance Company Is Stalling

This article exposes the unethical practice of stalling, employed by insurance companies and what to do if an insurance company is stalling.

It explains ‘stalling’ as holding back the processing or payment of an insurance claim without any legitimate reason.

The article provides a list of indicators of stalling, such as repeatedly requesting unnecessary paperwork or medical records and asking for documents one at a time.

What To Do If Insurance Company Is Stalling

What is stalling by insurance companies?

Stalling by insurance refers to the practice of an insurer delaying the processing or payment of a claim without a valid reason.

This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as a lack of resources, an attempt to pressure the claimant into settling for less than the claim’s value, or even an attempt to discourage the claimant from pursuing their claim.

Stalling can have significant consequences for claimants, who may experience financial hardship and emotional distress as a result of delayed payments.

In some cases, the delay may cause the claimant to miss important deadlines, such as those for filing a lawsuit or appealing a denial of coverage.

It is important for claimants to be aware of their rights and to be persistent in pursuing their claim.

They may want to consult an attorney or file a complaint with the appropriate regulatory agency if they suspect that their insurer is stalling their claim.

Insurance companies have a duty to act in good faith and deal fairly with their policyholders, and stalling is a violation of that duty.

What to do If Insurance company is stalling

If your insurance company is stalling your claim, take the following steps to speed up the process;

  • Ask your insurer if they require any additional documents or information to proceed with your claim.
  • Keep any evidence supporting your claim safe during the waiting period after opening a claim.
  • Get estimates from multiple contractors or repair shops to compare with your insurance company’s payout.
  • Contact your insurance company regularly to follow up on your claim. Record the dates, times and responses to your inquiries.

Incase these steps fail, consider writing a demand notice to your insurer.

If you’re having trouble getting the compensation you deserve from your insurance company, it might be time to seek the help of a bad faith insurance lawyer.

With years of experience, these lawyers can ensure that you receive the compensation you’re entitled to in a timely manner.

They can even take your insurance company to court if necessary.

Signs that insurance company is stalling claims

Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging for those who don’t have regular experience.
It’s essential to recognize their tactics for delaying your claim, and as the one who requires repair funds, it’s tempting to accept their offer quickly.
However, you should be aware of their strategies to avoid falling for them. Therefore, review this list to identify the signs of stalling during the process.
  • The insurer’s request for documents is made one by one instead of all at once. This causes delay and inconvenience for the claimant.
  • The insurer may use this tactic to deny a valid claim immediately. Additionally, they may repeatedly request unnecessary paperwork and documentation, as well as unrelated or intrusive medical records.
  • The insurance company may make multiple statements that suggest they have not reached a decision on the claimant’s case.
  • They may also continue to ask for additional statements from service providers related to the claimant’s medical treatment or property damage.
  • The insurance company may misrepresent the laws surrounding the case or provide false information about them.
  • The insurance adjuster may dodge the claimant’s phone calls or fail to respond to their attempts to contact them.
  • The company may switch adjusters multiple times, hoping that they will miss something and allow for a lower settlement amount.

Overall, these tactics by insurance companies can make the claims process more difficult and stressful for claimants. It’s important for individuals to understand their rights and work with an experienced attorney if they encounter these issues.

Why your Insurer may be stalling your claim

  1. To confirm your claim, additional documentation such as the accident report is required.
  2. Insurance companies may investigate suspicious cases to prove that a false claim is not being made.
  3. Some companies have a policy of denying all claims, which can be discouraging for clients who may settle for less or give up on their claim.
  4. Stalling tactics can also be used by companies, resulting in the loss or destruction of evidence over time.

An insurance company has complete authority to cite the first two reasons. They require all relevant documents to substantiate your insurance claim.

If the incident occurred under peculiar circumstances, the insurance company will conduct an investigation.

They are not intentionally delaying the process, but ensuring the legitimacy of your claim and safeguarding themselves against fraudulent claims.


This article addresses the unethical practice of stalling insurance claims. Stalling involves delaying the processing or payment of a claim without a valid reason.

Claimants can recognize stalling by identifying certain indicators and take action to speed up the processing of their claims.

Insurance companies may stall claims due to the need for additional documentation or investigation of suspicious cases.

Understanding your rights and working with an experienced attorney when faced with stalling issues is crucial.



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