Woodlands Risk Retention Group, South Carolina(SC) Contact Information, Products, Reviews, Claims

Woodlands Risk Retention Group, Inc. is a company that provides liability insurance for long-term care facilities in the United States.

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Woodlands Risk Retention Group, Inc. is a leader in liability insurance for long-term care facilities. Find out how they can help you protect your business and reputation/PHOTO COURTESY: Freepik

The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Vermont.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about it, including their contact information, products, reviews, and claims process.

Contact Information

If you want to get in touch with Woodlands Risk Retention Group, Inc., you can use the following contact information:

Category Information
Phone Number (802) 229-5042
Address 100 State Street, Suite 610, Montpelier, VT 05602
Email Address info@woodlandsrrg.com
Website woodlandsrrg.com

Woodlands Risk Retention Group Products

The Risk Retention Group offers a range of liability insurance products for long-term care facilities, such as:

  • Professional liability
  • General liability
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Cyber liability
  • Excess liability

The company also provides risk management services, such as:

  • Loss Prevention
  • Claims management
  • Education and training
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Legal defense

Customer Reviews

The company has received positive reviews from its customers, who appreciate the company’s expertise, responsiveness, and affordability.

Here are some of the testimonials from the company’s website:

  • “Woodlands RRG has been a great partner for our organization. They understand our needs and challenges and provide us with tailored solutions and support. We are very happy with their service and value.”
  • “Woodlands RRG has been a lifesaver for our facility. They have helped us reduce our liability exposure and improve our quality of care. They are always available and responsive to our questions and concerns. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy insurance provider.”
  • “Woodlands RRG has been a game-changer for our industry. They have created a unique and innovative insurance program that meets the specific needs and risks of long-term care facilities. They are not just an insurance company, they are a partner and a resource. We are very impressed with their professionalism and performance.”

Woodlands Risk Retention Group Claims Process

If you need to file a claim with Woodlands, you can follow these steps:

Contact the company as soon as possible after the incident.

You can call them at (802) 229-5042 or email them at claims@woodlandsrrg.com.

Provide the company with all the relevant information and documentation, such as:

  • The date, time, and location of the incident
  • The names and contact details of the parties involved
  • The nature and extent of the injury or damage
  • The witnesses and evidence available
  • The actions taken or planned to mitigate the loss

Cooperate with the company’s claims adjusters and attorneys, who will investigate the claim and determine the liability and coverage.

Follow the company’s instructions and recommendations, and keep them updated on any developments or changes in the situation.


Woodlands Risk Retention Group, Inc. is a company that specializes in liability insurance for long-term care facilities.

The company offers a variety of products and services to help its customers protect their assets and reputation.

The company also has a reputation for being responsive, affordable, and knowledgeable.

If you are looking for a liability insurance provider for your long-term care facility, you may want to consider it.


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