Work First Casualty Company, Delaware (DE): Contact Details, Coverage, Discounts,Ratings & Reviews

Work First Casualty Company establishes itself as a trusted insurance partner.

The provide a wide range of insurance solutions, such as Workers’ Compensation, Liability, Property, and Commercial Auto Insurance.

Officially founded in 2005, the company’s roots extend to 1985 when it operated as a small Oregon-based staffing firm with no involvement in insurance.

Work First Casualty Company
Work First Casualty Company: Photo(American Staffing Association)

The company confronted a critical issue that posed a significant threat to its survival:

Rising workers’ compensation insurance rates due to staff injuries.

Resolving this challenge became imperative for the company’s continued existence.

Work First Casualty Company Contact Details

Address: 1100 East 6600 South, Suite 410

               Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

Phone Number: (877) 772-4667

Fax: (541) 273-6496


Work First Casualty Company Coverage Options

Their coverage options help protect assets, employees, and operations effectively.

These options encompass:

Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

Shields employees and employers, providing medical benefits and wage replacement for injured workers while protecting employers from potential lawsuits.

Liability Insurance:

Safeguards businesses from legal liabilities stemming from accidents, injuries, or property damage, including general, product, and premises liability coverage.

Property Insurance:

Protects business assets such as buildings, equipment, inventory, and physical assets from risks like fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Commercial Auto Insurance: Essential for businesses relying on vehicles, offering protection in accidents, theft, or damage.

General Liability Insurance: Protects against common claims, including bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury.

Professional Liability Insurance:

Also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, designed for businesses offering professional services, guarding against claims of negligence.

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Cyber Liability Insurance:

Provides protection against financial losses linked to data breaches and cyberattacks in our digital world.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI):

Covers claims related to employment practices like wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment.

Umbrella Insurance:

Offers an extra layer of protection by extending the limits of existing liability policies, particularly valuable for high liability risk businesses.

Business Interruption Insurance:

Helps replace lost income and cover ongoing expenses during the recovery period after covered losses.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance:

Protects personal assets of company directors and officers when sued for business decisions.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance:

Covers repair or replacement costs for essential equipment suffering breakdowns.

These coverage options offer flexibility to tailor insurance packages to specific business needs and risks, customized by Work First Casualty Company to suit industries, sizes, and unique circumstances.

Work First Casualty Company Discounts

Work First Casualty  provides discounts, including multi-policy, safety program, claims-free, paid-in-full, and experience modification rating (EMR) discounts to enhance value.

Eligibility may vary, so businesses should contact the company to discuss their unique insurance requirements.

Work First Casualty Company Claims

To make a claim, Work First Casualty  provides multiple channels, including an online portal, phone, and a mobile app, ensuring customer convenience.

Claim processing times can vary based on the claim’s nature and complexity, but the company strives for efficiency.

Work First Casualty Company values customer satisfaction and aims for fair and prompt claim settlements.

Mobile App

Work First Casualty Company also offers a mobile app with features for policy management, claim filing, payment processing, and access to important documents.

Online account management capabilities empower policyholders to manage their policies, view documents, make payments, and track claims conveniently.

Digital tools and resources, including insurance calculators, educational materials, and risk assessment tools, empower policyholders to make informed decisions about their insurance coverage.

Work First Casualty Company Ratings & Reviews

A.M. Best Rating: Work First Casualty Company

Complaint Level: Low


  • Offers a comprehensive suite of insurance products
  • Specializes in tailored solutions to meet specific business requirements
  • Expertise in Workers’ Compensation and Liability Insurance
  • Competitive Commercial Auto Insurance packages
  • Demonstrates strong financial stability


  • Provides limited online customer interface
  • Availability of services may vary by region
  • May not be suitable for very small businesses
  • Offers limited information on additional services
  • Provides fewer discounts compared to some competitors


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