Wright National Flood Insurance Company: Overview, Benefit, Membership, Contacts, Financial details, Claims

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Wright National Flood Insurance Company (WNFIC) stands as a leader in flood insurance, backed by nearly 40 years of experience, expertise, and excellence.

Floods, among the most devastating natural disasters, can result in profound damage, valuable loss, and emotional distress for your home, business, or property.

In such challenging times, having a dependable and trustworthy flood insurance provider is essential to aid recovery and protect your future.

WNFIC is recognized as one of the best options for flood insurance in the US.

They offer federal flood policies through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and provide excess flood policies designed for higher-value properties.

With an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best and a reputation for extraordinary claims response, WNFIC ensures that you receive the support and coverage needed during flood-related challenges.


In this article, we will give you an overview of WNFIC, its benefits, how to join, how to contact, how to file a claim, and what customers say about it.

By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of why WNFIC is the right choice for your flood protection needs.

Wright National Flood Insurance Company Overview

WNFIC is a Write Your Own (WYO) company that administers and settles flood insurance policies in full compliance with NFIP underwriting requirements.

The WNFIC sells federal flood policies to protect homes, businesses, and their contents from flood disasters in all 50 states and over 21,000 participating communities across the US.

WNFIC also offers excess flood policies through Wright Flood Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Wright Insurance Group.

Excess flood policies extend the coverage limits beyond the maximum allowed by NFIP and allow customers to insure up to the full replacement cost of their building and property.

WNFIC is a partner of FEMA and supports its Moonshot goals to reduce the flood insurance protection gap, help owners recover from flood loss, and build stronger and more resilient communities.

WNFIC also provides educational resources and tools to help customers understand their flood risk, prepare for a flood, and mitigate future flood loss.

What are the benefits of joining Wright National Flood Insurance Company?

There are many benefits of joining WNFIC as your flood insurance provider. Here are some of them:

  • You get comprehensive coverage for your building and property/contents from direct loss caused by rising water up to the limits allowed by NFIP or higher with excess flood policies.
  • You get financial security for your family or business in case of a flood disaster.
  • You meet all lender mandatory flood insurance purchase requirements if your property is located in a high-risk flood zone.
  • You get paid regardless of any federal disaster declaration or availability of federal disaster aid.
  • You assure your eligibility for federal disaster aid if you have an NFIP policy.
  • You get access to a dedicated and experienced claims team that is ready to assist you 24/7 in case of a flood loss.
  • You get peace of mind knowing that your policy is backed by the US Government and subject to congressional legislation.

How to join Wright National Flood Insurance Company?

Joining WNFIC is easy and simple. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Find a Wright Flood Agent near you by using the agent locator tool on their website or calling their toll-free number at (727) 803-2040.
  • Discuss your flood insurance needs and options with your agent. Your agent will help you determine your flood zone, your coverage limits, your premium rates, and any discounts or surcharges that may apply.
  • Fill out an application form and provide any required documentation such as elevation certificates or proof of prior coverage.
  • Pay your premium either in full or in installments depending on your payment plan.
  • Receive your policy documents and review them carefully.

Table of contacts of Wright National Flood Insurance Company

If you need to contact WNFIC for any reason, you can use the following contacts:

Purpose Contact
General inquiries (727) 803-2040
Claims Reporting (800) 725-9472
Claims status (800) 820-3242
Billing inquiries (800) 820-3242
Policy changes (800) 820-3242
Agent support (800) 820-3242
Website support webmaster@weareflood.com


You can also visit their website at www.wrightflood.com or send them an email at info@weareflood.com.

Financial details about Wright National Flood Insurance Company

Year Total Assets Net Premiums Written Net Income Policyholders’ Surplus
2022 $44,987,000 $23,128,000 $3,109,000 $21,497,000
2021 $41,874,000 $21,756,000 $2,853,000 $18,388,000
2020 $38,760,000 $20,384,000 $2,597,000 $15,279,000
2019 $35,646,000 $19,012,000 $2,341,000 $12,170,000
2018 $32,532,000 $17,640,000 $2,085,000 $9,061,000


The company has shown steady growth in its assets and income over the past five years.

It has also maintained an excellent financial strength rating of A (Excellent) from AM Best.

The company is a subsidiary of Brown & Brown Inc., a leading insurance broker and provider of risk management services.

How to file a claim with Wright National Flood Insurance Company?

If you experience a flood loss, you should file a claim with WNFIC as soon as possible. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Contact your agent or WNFIC to report your loss. You can call their toll-free number at (800) 725-9472 or use their online claim reporting tool.
  • Take photos and videos of the damage and make a list of the items that were damaged or lost.
  • Protect your property from further damage by making temporary repairs or moving items to a safe place. Keep receipts for any expenses you incur.
  • Complete a proof of loss form and submit it to WNFIC within 60 days of the loss. You can download the form from their website or request it from your adjuster.
  • Cooperate with your adjuster who will inspect your property, assess your damage, and guide you through the claim process.
  • Receive your payment after your claim is approved and finalized.

The Customer Review of Wright National Flood Insurance Company

WNFIC has received many positive reviews from its customers who appreciate its service, professionalism, and responsiveness. Here are some examples of what customers say about WNFIC:

  • “I am very pleased with Wright Flood. They handled my claim quickly and efficiently. They were very helpful and courteous throughout the process. I would recommend them to anyone who needs flood insurance.” – John D., Florida
  • “Wright Flood is a great company to work with. They have excellent customer service and communication. They made the claim process easy and stress-free. They paid my claim promptly and fairly. I am very satisfied with Wright Flood.” – Mary S., Texas
  • “Wright Flood is the best flood insurance company I have ever dealt with. They are knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. They answered all my questions and concerns and kept me updated on my claim status. They paid my claim in full without any hassle or delay. I am very grateful to Wright Flood.”  Robert L., Louisiana


Wright National Flood Insurance Company (WNFIC) emerges as a top-tier choice for flood insurance in the United States, offering almost 40 years of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Floods, among the most devastating natural disasters, can result in profound property damage, financial loss, and emotional distress.

WNFIC, operating in strict compliance with National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) underwriting requirements, covers homes, businesses, and their contents across all 50 states and over 21,000 participating communities.

Benefits of WNFIC include comprehensive coverage, financial security, meeting lender mandates, guaranteed eligibility for federal disaster aid, and access to a dedicated, 24/7 claims team.

Backed by the US Government and subject to congressional legislation, WNFIC provides peace of mind in challenging times.

Joining WNFIC is a straightforward process, and contact information is readily available for inquiries and claims. WNFIC boasts consistent financial growth, maintaining an excellent A (Excellent) rating from AM Best.

As a subsidiary of Brown & Brown Inc., a prominent insurance broker, WNFIC enjoys solid financial backing.

In the event of flood losses, the claims process is efficient and user-friendly, guided by responsive adjusters.

Customer reviews underscore satisfaction with WNFIC’s service, professionalism, and clear communication throughout the claims process.

Overall, Wright National Flood Insurance Company is a reputable and reliable choice for flood protection, underpinned by extensive experience, strong financial support, and exceptional customer service.

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